Stretch Mark Treatments London – Stretch marks or striae as they are called in dermatology, are a form of scarring on the skin caused when the skin is stretched rapidly as the result of rapid weight gain. Hormones can also play a part in their development, which is why they are common in pregnancy.


Skin needling

Skin needling can improve the appearance of stretch marks by triggering the body’s wound healing response. It does this by creating ‘micro-injuries’ in the skin which stimulate new collagen to form. At Dr SW Clinics we use two different methods of collagen induction therapy: Dermaroller™ and Dermapen

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Carboxytherapy is a highly effective treatment for stretch marks. It involves the injection of CO2 under the skin directly into the area where the stretch mark is. The body responds by sending oxygen to the area and in turn this triggers synthesis of new collagen, which repairs the skin and minimises the appearance of the stretch marks.

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Plexr is a patented technology that uses Plasma (the ionization of gases in the air) this creates a small electrical arc that causes sublimation of the outer surface of the skin, allowing the skin to form a crust that falls down in 5-7 days leaving a new skin behind, that can be used to treat stretch marks without spreading unwanted heat to the surrounding skin.

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