Ageing. It’s something we usually think about with regards to the lines and wrinkles on our faces or our joints getting stiffer but there is one area of the body many men wouldn’t mind getting stiffer they age! For many men getting older can mean less libido or problems with erectile dysfunction.

At Dr SW Clinics I don’t believe that has to be the case and as a specialist in sexual wellness and sexual aesthetics I have developed O ConceptTM, a groundbreaking new multi-factorial protocol which allows me to provide tailored-made treatments to men suffering from a host of issues related to sexual dysfunction.

The O Concept TM for men brings together a combination of new and exciting treatments, technologies and techniques in order to enhance the form and function of the male sexual organs. This is because I believe that in order to get the best results you can’t be limited by a “one size fits all” approach.

The treatments are bespoke to each patient, safe and carry very little to no recovery time. The O Concept TM can be used to treat erectile dysfunction, enhance or increase the firmness of the erection, increase blood supply to the penis, help with premature ejaculation, improve sensation and help to increase the length and girth of the penis, giving men more confidence and an improved sexual experience.

The O ConceptTM for men encompasses The P-Shot® where PRP is injected into the penis in a very specific protocol to stimulate a regenerative process. This triggers stem cells to increase blood flow and grow healthier tissue. Results include increase in firmness of erection, increased size (10-20% increase in length and girth) after using the pump provided, strengthening and straightening of the penis, improved sexual capabilities, increased sexual stamina, increased sensation and pleasure, enhanced appearance and improvement of Peyronie’s disease.

We can also use Renova, which I have recently treated cricketer Ian Botham with. This uses linear soundwave technology to stimulate the tissue to grow new micro blood vessels, which increases blood supply of the penis to improve erection quality.

As part of the O ConceptTM treatment I also advise on specific aspects of nutrition that have a direct effect on sexual performance, this will enhance the benefits of the treatment and has selected specific natural supplements to add into the treatment programme to enhance the results. This means my patients not only feel the effects internally but enjoy the pleasure externally!

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