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As men grow older they could suffer from mild to severe erection problems as a consequence of the natural ageing process or other medical conditions.

This unique treatment combination is not just for patients with Erectile Dysfunction but it is also for men looking to enhance or increase the firmness of their erection, help with premature ejaculations and improve their sensation in addition to helping in increasing the length and girth of the penis, giving a man more confidence and an improved sexual experience. Dr Wakil will carefully tailor a programme from a selection of cutting edge treatments to ensure the man achieves the best results possible.

Some of the treatments used:

The P-Shot® uses the healing potential of Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP) contained within your own blood, which is injected into the penis in a very specific protocol to stimulate a regenerative process. This platelet contains cell-regenerating growth factors, which triggers stem cells to increase blood flow and grow healthier tissue.

Vigore is a cutting edge innovative, non-invasive, hands-free technology that stimulates the treated tissue to grow new micro blood vessels, which research suggests, it increases blood supply of the penis to improve erection quality, with no known side-effects, by using linear soundwave technology.

Diet Revision We will not only highlight the importance of general wellbeing and health, but also advise you on specific aspects of nutrition that has a direct effect on sexual performance, this will enhance the benefits of the treatment. Dr Wakil has selected specific nutritionists to ensure that you receive the best advice possible.

Natural Supplements: Dr Wakil has selected specific natural supplements to add into your treatment programme to enhance the results. These supplements all provide different benefits depending on your individual needs, and all have been supported by strong scientific research and testing which will enhance your vitality. By combining these supplements into your treatment programme you will feel the effects internally and enjoy the pleasure externally.

And MANY MORE of these latest innovative treatments which Dr Wakil will tailor specifically for each patient’s condition to give the best results.

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