Bruxism is the medical term for teeth grinding and clenching of the jaw.

It is commonly caused by anxiety and most often occurs during sleep. Bruxism can result in facial pains and headaches if left untreated. It can also affect your quality of sleep and lead to damage to your teeth. Bruxism can also give the jaw a square appearance.

At the Dr SW Clinics, we use wrinkle injections as a therapeutic tool to relieve painful conditions triggered by the muscles of the jaw and to treat chronic teeth grinding. This Bruxism treatment has proven to be very successful and has minimal risks or complications.



The treatment involves injections into the masseter muscle, the muscle that enables you to bite and chew. The injectable relaxes the muscle and reduces its strength, inhibiting the ability to overly grind the teeth. It also softens the appearance of a square jaw, giving the jawline a more contoured, softer appearance.
If you suffer from teeth grinding, which is causing you pain, headaches or problems sleeping then this could be the right treatment for you. If you have an overly square jaw and would like to soften its appearance, this treatment may also be suitable. You will need to book in for a consultation to ascertain whether this treatment is right for you or not.
The treatment is minimally invasive and only takes a few minutes so you should not experience any pain.
The treatment is very quick as it only involves a small number of injections. Treatment time should be less than 15 minutes.
There is no downtime/recovery with this treatment.
With the use of filler injections, not only are our patients experiencing great relief from jaw pain, jaw soreness, tension and headaches, but they are seeing a dramatic change in the way their face looks. This change occurs over two or three sessions, as the masseter muscle shrinks and weakens gradually. It will take about a week for you to notice any difference after treatment. The effects will last about three to four months but can last longer, particularly after repeated treatments.