Leg veins are a cosmetic common concern for many women. They appear as red, blue or purple lines on the skin and can be unsightly. While varicose veins may require surgical treatment, many other types of veins such as thread veins or spider veins can be treated easily with microsclerotherapy, which is considered the gold standard treatment for these types of veins.



Microsclerotherapy involves the injection of a solution, known as a “sclerosing agent” into the vein using a very fine needle. This causes the vein to break down so it can be absorbed by the body.
If you have thread veins or spider veins on your legs that are bothering you then micorscelrotherapy is a safe and effective solution. Book a consultation to find out if you are eligible for treatment.
The needles used for microsclerotherapy are very fine so while you may feel a slight scratch tor pinching sensation, the treatment is not painful.
The procedure takes about half an hour depending on how many veins are being treated.
You are advised to wear compression stockings for three days after treatment but you can carry on with normal activities straight away. You should refrain from any strenuous aerobic activity for 24 hours however. You may get some bruising which can last for a couple of weeks and the veins may appear worse before they get better.
Microsclerotherapy is considered to be the most effective treatment for targeting thread veins on the legs. Most veins will completely disappear following treatment.