Vigore Overview:  

VIGORE is an innovative, non-invasive, hands-free technology that treats the ‘source’ of erectile dysfunction with no known side-effects. It is a high tech, low intensity, painless application of linear soundwave technology to treat the area around the penis.

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You can read the special feature in The Sun Newspaper on how Dr Wakil has helped Sir Ian Botham HERE.

Vigore FAQs

VIGORE uses quick, low intensity shockwaves, known as Linear Shockwave Therapy (LSWT), in four different areas of the groin and penis to increase blood supply that generate the erection, therefore reversing the effects of aging and vascular deterioration. This treatment is a pain-free procedure, requiring no anaesthetic prior to treatment. VIGORE is unique in that it targets the underlying cause of ED (Erectile Dysfunction).

Studies have shown that VIGORE is effective in treating 70 to 84 per cent of men experiencing ED. One particular study showed that almost 50 per cent of men being treated were able to perform sexually without any medications in the first month following shockwave treatment. Men whose ED is associated with diabetes also respond well to treatment.

You are suitable for this treatment if you have vascular related erection problems due to age and lifestyle or mild to moderate erection problems (ED).

The treatment is completely painless.

The treatment will take no longer than 30 minutes. A course of 4 treatments are recommended to achieve the results.

It is expected that a few weeks after the course of treatments your erectile function will have improved. Some have noticed improvements earlier.




The Daily Mail also reported on Dr Sherif Wakil treating Sir Ian Botham, as shown below.

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And this was also covered in an Indian Newspaper, which you can read in full HERE.