They say the eyes are “the window to the soul” so it’s no surprise that eye rejuvenation has become one of the most popular anti-ageing treatments. The tear trough refers to the area under the eye and above the upper cheek. As we age, the fat pad under the eyes descends which can give a hollowed looking appearance and make you look as if you have dark shadows under the eye. A build up of fluid around the eyes, known as periorbital edema, can also create the appearance of eye bags, making you look tired and older.



Because various different factors contribute to the formation or the tear trough there are a number of different treatment options, which may be used separately or together in order to correct the defect. These include dermal fillers and threads to address hollowing and loss of volume, carboxytherapy for bad circulation and dark circles, O.F.F for eye bags and mesotherapy to improve skin quality, plums the area, and help with fine lines.
If you are concerned about ageing in the tear trough region and think this is making you look tired or older than your years then book a consultation to see if tear trough treatment is right for you.
All the treatments we use for the tear trough are minimally invasive and are not painful.
Treatment time will depend on the treatments you are having but is usually less than half an hour.
You should be able to return to your normal activities straight away as there is no significant downtime associated with these treatments.
Tear trough treatment can rejuvenate the under eye area diminishing the appearance of bags or under eye shadows which are ageing and make you look tried. Results are long lasting but maintenance treatments will usually be required. Dermal filler results will last around anywhere from six to 12 months.