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Until now there has been no effective natural treatments for female “Sexual dysfunction”. Past procedures used to carry some undesirable side effects, considerable downtime and the high cost of surgery.

This unique treatment combination is giving a “Facelift” to the vagina, by reversing mild to moderate vaginal laxity, tightening the introits and the vaginal canal, increasing the sensation and dramatically improving the appearance.

Dr Wakil will carefully tailor make a program from a selection of treatments that will give back the youthfulness and confidence for a woman to achieve sexual pleasure as well as improving mild to moderate cases of stress incontinence. The treatments are also fantastic for women post child birth, ageing or simply wanting to heighten their sensation! Whichever the condition Dr Wakil will ensure that each patient achieves the best results possible.

Some of the treatments used:

The O-Shot ® Vaginal Rejuvenation London –  uses the healing potential of Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP) contained within your own blood, to stimulate vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation, activating the Female Orgasm System and increasing sexual arousal.

Thermiva is the latest ground breaking technology using Radiofrequency. This treatment not only treats the internal vagina but can also change the external appearance of the labia without the need for invasive surgery and has no downtime.

Protégé Intima is a treatment suitable for women of all ages and skin types who desire the aesthetic improvement and enhanced sexual satisfaction by non-surgical remodelling of the labia.

Carboxytherapy  uses micro injections of carbon dioxide into the area to stimulate the influx of oxygen which in turn stimulates the tissue to help grow new capillaries and increase vascularisation.

Diet Revision We will not only highlight the importance of general wellbeing and health, but also advise you on specific aspects of nutrition that has a direct effect on sexual performance, this will enhance the benefits of the treatment. Dr Wakil has selected specific nutritionists to ensure that you receive the best advice possible.

Supplements: Dr Wakil has selected specific natural supplements to add into your treatment programme to enhance the results. These supplements all provide different benefits depending on your individual needs, and all have been supported by strong scientific research and testing which will enhance your vitality. By combining these supplements into your treatment programme you will feel the effects internally and enjoy the pleasure externally.

And MANY MORE of these latest innovative treatments which Dr Wakil will tailor specifically for each patient’s condition to give the best results. For further information please click here

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