Dr Sherif Wakil is a forward-thinking doctor who is always at the cutting-edge of scientific research.

For many of us, life is busy, fast moving and stressful. This means that we often do not eat the right things, do not look after our body properly, do not get enough sleep and ignore health and wellness concerns, until something more serious happens.

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The concept of life optimisation is truly novel and being pioneered at Dr SW Clinics. Let us go on the journey to a better life together.

At Dr SW Clinics, we want to introduce you to the concept of life optimisation and tell you how our team, led by Dr Sherif Wakil can help you to get your life and health back on track with our bespoke programme of regenerative medical treatments, nutritional supplementation and dietary advice, life coaching and sexual therapy.

Dr Wakil is a forward-thinking doctor who is always at the cutting-edge of scientific research. Modern thinking and innovation means that we now have many regenerative medical and natural techniques available to optimise our lives using tools such as bio-hacking.

Bio-hacking is part of this new thinking in regenerative medicine and body biology, which taps into your natural biology and helps your body to detox, rejuvenate and regenerate itself to heal and repair areas of damage and ageing using stem cells, blood platelets and growth factors – getting your life and health back on track again.

We also offer expert advice from dieticians, kinetic movement therapies and sexual therapy which will allow you to reach your goals.



Biohacking is a way of encouraging the natural healing and repair qualities of the human body. This involves tapping into the use of stem cells, growth factors, hormones and your own blood products to regenerate, rejuvenate, rebuild and restore natural function.

Dr Wakil is pioneering biohacking as part of a revolutionary life optimisation process which delves deep into how the biology of your own body works. Understanding the specific problems that you face, your overall health and deficits can help him and his team to deliver a bespoke treatment plan to make your life better, optimise your health and refocus your body function using your biology to help.

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