P-Shot® is a part of the ground-breaking treatment, The O Concept™.

Named after the Greek god of fertility, the Priapus Shot®, or P-Shot® treatment, is a pioneering new technique available at our award-winning clinic in London. It involves Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) being injected into the penis (the head and the spongy muscle) to rejuvenate it, as well as improve sensation and function.

The P-Shot® treatment works by using the body’s natural ability to heal and rejuvenate itself by injecting Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into the penis to stimulate a regenerative process.

It is the same technique used for the Vampire Facelift® whereby a small amount of blood is taken from the arm and then placed in a specific centrifuge where the plasma is then harvested. This plasma contains cell-regenerating growth factors, which, when injected into the penis, trigger stem cells to regenerate the tissue, increase blood flow and regenerate nerve endings.

It is very important to understand that there are various types of Platelet Rich Plasma, and it all depends on the quality of the centrifuge used to harvest the PRP, that is why at Dr SW Clinics, we use the tip top brands of centrifuges that produce a very high quality PRP which is much more concentrated to give the best results possible to our patients.

Please remember that NOT all PRP are the same quality.

Our P-Shot® London treatment, also known as PRP for penis, is included in The O Concept™ protocol founded by Dr Wakil, which includes the latest advanced technology, treatments, and natural supplements for male and female sexual health.

Although based in London, Dr Wakil’s PRP penis injection treatment, alongside other procedures including penis enlargement injection and Bocox treatment, are available worldwide.

Treatment cost

Price From

* After consultation the doctor will confirm the cost.

Treatment Summary at a glance

Procedure Time

Approx. 30 mins

Recommended No. of Treatments



Local (numbing cream)

Side Effect:

Limited to injection pain.


Improvements to erectile dysfunction, firmer erections, increased sexual arousal and orgasm.

Duration of results:

Varies, repeat treatments may be required.

Back to work:

Return to normal immediately, including sexual intercourse.

Full Recovery:

A few hours

Conditions Treated | Erectile Dysfunction | Peyronie’s Disease | Small Penis/Micro Penis | Bent Penis | Premature Ejaculation | Delayed Ejaculation | Lichen Sclerosis |

How does P-Shot® work?

The P-Shot® naturally stimulates genital rejuvenation and activates the male orgasm system, making it a solution to erectile dysfunction which has been caused by various reasons.

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem experienced, to some degree, by almost half of male population who are aged between 40 and 70. In other words, millions of men suffer with erectile dysfunction, with causes including not only tiredness, stress and anxiety but also:

• Vasculogenic conditions affecting the flow of blood to the penis, like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and raised cholesterol.

• Neurogenic conditions affecting the nervous system, like multiple sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, spinal injuries/disorders and diabetes.

• Hormonal conditions like an over- or under-active thyroid gland, low testosterone levels (hypogonadism), high cortisol levels (Cushing’s syndrome), a past or recent head/brain injuries or subarachnoid haemorrhages, which, like radiation to the brain/head, can cause hormonal changes (especially reductions in testosterone).

• Anatomical conditions affecting the penis’ structure, like Peyronie’s disease

• Surgery and radiation therapy for rectal, prostate or bladder cancer

• Penis injuries

• Prescribed drugs’ side effects

• Excessive alcohol consumption

• Recreational drug

Now a very popular and extremely effective method of treating erectile dysfunction symptoms, the penis rejuvenating Priapus Shot® in the UK can improve the overall health of your genital area.

P Shot Injection Benefits

Offering long-term erectile dysfunction improvement by increasing the blood flow to your penis, our P-Shot® treatment in London can result in:

• Enhanced sexual performance with firmer erections

• Increase in your sensation, sex drive and stamina

• Increase in penis girth and length (when penis pump provided by Dr SW Clinics is used) by stimulating new tissue growth while performing tissue expansion. The result will be permanent

• Relief from Lichen Sclerosis symptoms (characterised by white itchy patches on the genitals and/or other body parts). Dr Sherif Wakil has treated a vast number of patients with Lichen Sclerosis and managed to eliminate their symptoms dramatically. As this is an auto immune disease for which there is no cure, patients usually welcome top-ups to keep the symptoms under control.

• Straightening of the penis in men with Peyronie’s Disease (a condition where the penis is curved due to scar tissue, which can make having sex very painful) by stimulating healthy new tissue growth

A safe procedure involving neither surgery nor any risk of allergic reactions due to it using your own body’s platelet rich plasma, the P-Shot could be the perfect answer to treating your erectile dysfunction and once again enjoying a full, satisfying sex life.

This treatment is part of The O Concept™ protocol that is used to create the mentioned condition above and the treatment plan will be designed according to each individual patient according to the medical history upon consultation with our doctors.

We offer interest FREE finance plans to patients. Please contact our experienced team to learn more.


The P-Shot® treatment works by using the body’s natural ability to heal and rejuvenate itself by injecting Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) full of Growth Factors into the penis to stimulate a regenerative process. It is the same technique used for the Vampire Facelift® whereby a small amount of blood is taken from the arm and then placed in a centrifuge where the plasma is then harvested. This plasma contains cell-regenerating growth factors, which, when injected into the penis, trigger stem cells to increase blood flow and trigger stem cells to grow healthier tissue.

As with any procedure, you will need to have a full consultation with Dr Wakil to determine whether you are suitable for treatment or not. Your medical history will be discussed, and a physical examination will be required.

The Priapus Shot® treatment is performed under topical anaesthetic so there is minimal discomfort. Some patients report experiencing no pain at all with the PRP for penis procedure. Get in touch to find out more about this revolutionary treatment.

The procedure takes around 30 minutes.

One of the advantages of this treatment is there is no recovery time. You can return to your normal activities immediately and sexual intercourse can even be resumed the same day.

Men who have undergone our P-Shot® UK treatment have reported that it may help them achieve:

  • Increased blood flow and circulation
  • Increased firmness of erection
  • Strengthening of the penis
  • Improved sexual capabilities
  • Increased sensation and pleasure



Hi my names is Ashley and I wanted to have the P-Shot to increase my girth as I was happy with my length. In March 2016 I had the treatment which only took 1 hour, the doctor and his colleague are really friendly. So now it’s April some weeks ahead and it has increased the size off my girth at the top off my shaft and also increased the length by 3cm. I am really happy as its painless to do and does not take long. Thank you Dr Wakil I would recommend this to anyone

Ashley, London

Dr Wakil, thank you the P shot definitely work! After one month I can see visible results in my length and girth as well as massive increase in libido, I would say its like taking steroids before you work out.

Bob, London

Having the P Shot was possibly the best thing I have done recently, my wife would certainly agree. There’s no shame in looking for help and Dr Sherif was professional and understanding, and importantly, has made a huge difference to our lives.

Ron, Guildford

Dr Wakil is an artist as much as he is a doctor. The treatment he has done for me is amazing. I am very happy with my journey and he made me feel I'm at the best hands. I can't recommend him enough!

Toni, London

I went to see Dr Wakil as I was lacking confidence in the bedroom and I didn't want to go through the surgical option. I learnt about Dr Wakil's non-surgical treatment from a TV program on Channel 4. It took him 20mins only to boost my confidence dramatically. Can't thank you enough Dr Wakil for this significant technique. I am much happier now in my relationship.

Steve, Manchester

I have had a number of procedures done at SW Clinics. The results have been outstandingly good and beyond my expectation. The professionalism of the staff and Dr Wakil is second to none, and Dr Wakil is a highly skilled physician with enormous experience and knowledge and his techniques are at the cutting edge of technology. I highly recommend this clinic

Harold, China

I have been to SW in Harley Street twice for the P Shot. Dr Sherif is very knowledgeable and the staff are very helpful and friendly. Having read about the P Shot in various online forums I had mixed feelings as to whether it would be worth the cost as it is expensive. For me it has not been a major change as everything was 'reasonable' before, however, I do feel that it has been worthwhile. The P Shot from Dr Sherif is not just an injection, it's more of a package to improve your sexual well-being.

David, London

Very professional, trouble free experience. Surgeon was fantastic; obviously really experienced and managed expectations well. Very thorough checks You’re taken care of every step of the way.

Ahmeed, London

Excellent service, they really seem to care about you, and make every effort. I had a positive outcome and will be uisng their services again in the future.

Ian, Brighton

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