Fat grafting in the vagina can help to increase sexual pleasure as well as enhance the fullness of the vagina.

This procedure may be required for those experiencing vaginal laxity following childbirth, or due to ageing if the tissue and muscles in the vagina have become compromised.

During a fat transfer (also known as fat grafting) to vagina procedure, healthy fat cells are carefully harvested from an area of the body where excess fat is present. Typical areas used to harvest the healthy fat cells are: buttocks, hips, thighs and abdomen. The extracted fat is then purified, and injected into the vagina to give a fuller, more sensual result.

An excess of fat cells is usually administered as only a percentage of them will survive which is around 70%. Therefore, any cells that remain after approximately 6 months will be expected to be retained permanently. The result will be a fuller sensation to the vagina, with increased plumpness.

Fat is also injected in the G spot to enhance mechanical stimulation during intercourse which is G Shot using FAT, the advantage of the fat over Dermal fillers are detailed below:

1) Fat is permanent
2) Fat has millions of the miraculous stem cell which completely regenerate the vaginal tissue and enhance blood flow and sensitivity.

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, you may be suitable to undergo vaginal fat grafting: vaginal laxity, menopause, vaginal dryness, decreased sensation, sagging of the vagina.

Treatment cost

Price From

* After consultation the doctor will confirm the cost.

Treatment Summary at a glance

Procedure Time

Up to 60 minutes

Recommended No. of Treatments





Increased tightness of the vagina and sensetivity of the G Spot and anterior vaginal wall, it could also help in Stress Urinary Incontinence

Back to work:

2-3 days

Side effects:

Swelling, redness and tenderness, few dropping of blood/ bruises in the area where the aft has been harvested that could last for a week.

Duration of results:

Long-term results

How does it work?

Before we consider fat grafting of the vagina, Dr. SW Clinics will need to be sure that there are enough excess fat stores on the body to be harvested for the second part of the procedure, which is to insert the body’s own fat into the vagina.


The harvested fat will then be washed, depending on the device used to prepare the fat, few steps will occur to achieve the Nano Fat which is then injected under local anaesthesia into the vagina in various locations.

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You may be recommended for this procedure if you are concerned about the laxity of the vagina which may also result in decreased sexual pleasure as well as reduced sensitivity.

A local anaesthetic will be used to carry out this procedure as there will be a degree of discomfort, due to the sensitive nature of the vagina.

Our experienced surgeons perform this procedure quickly and with precision. You can expect fat grafting to the vagina to take around 1 hour

You may feel uncomfortable for up to 1 week while swelling and bruising are present. It may be beneficial for you to take some mild pain relief in the few days that follow the procedure to help you feel more comfortable.

The full outcome may not be noticeable for around 3 months, once all effects have subsided and any fat has potentially been settled



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