Our mission is to provide solutions for sexual dysfunction and enhance sexual wellness

At Dr SW Clinics we promise to treat you with kindness, discretion and privacy, so that you can experience a positive exchange with our team and reach your target treatment outcomes. Above all, we will treat you as a unique individual with unique treatment requirements that need a bespoke solution.

We also promise that you will never leave our clinic looking ‘overdone’ or ‘artificial’. We want all our patients to be confident and happy with their results, and the best way to achieve that is to always prioritise a natural look using the latest revitalisation techniques.

We always listen to the needs of our patients, to understand what truly troubles them so we can jointly decide on the best medical aesthetic, regenerative medicine and life optimisation treatment options to formulate a personalised treatment plan for ageing, pain management and other health concerns, or create a bespoke O Concept™ to restore sexual health and well-being for both men and women..

Dr Sherif Wakil has developed and shaped The O Concept™ to offer a tailor-made and specialised combination of treatment options, for both men and women, who are looking to rebuild and renew their sexual well-being. He is also pioneering new life optimisation programmes which include medical, hormonal, nutritional, sexual and bio-hacking therapies.

We treat many celebrities, royalty and other high-profile individuals, many of whom travel from overseas to see Dr Sherif Wakil and his team. We promise to deliver the best and safest treatments, in a premier setting and with the utmost of confidentiality. If you have any specifics requests in relation to your visit to our clinic, please let us know and we can discuss how we can help.

We promise that we are specialists in aesthetic medicine, sexual wellness, regenerative medicine, pain management and life optimisation

It is our firm belief that if you look after your intimate parts, whether you are a man or a woman, much like you look after other areas of your body, then the wellness of your sexual organ will be maintained and longevity prolonged, more so than if you do not aim to look after yourself. We all seek to keep heart-healthy with good diet and exercise, so why ignore the health of your penis or vagina which can bring you, and your partner so much pleasure.

Our motto states that, it’s not about the sexual illness, it’s about the sexual wellness, and we firmly believe that preventing problems before they worsen is far better than trying to cure them further down the line.

We urge our patients not to ignore symptoms of sexual dysfunction, or to bury their head in the sand for fear of discussing what might seem like a taboo subject. It is vital that you don’t leave discussing concerns about your genitalia to the point where something becomes more serious and more difficult to treat.

Often, we find that concerns, such as sexual problems can lead to an individual suffering from mental health or weight management concerns, all of which can have a detrimental effect on their overall ability to enjoy ‘life’. Our bespoke life optimisation programmes include interactions with many of our experts who can deliver a bespoke treatment plan to get your life and health back on track. We promise to listen to your concerns and tailor a programme of nutritional supplementation and therapies, life coaching, prescription and non-prescription medication, hormonal therapies, expert advice from dieticians including sirt diets and kinetic movement therapies which will allow you to reach your goals and get your life back on track.

We offer a 100% private and discrete service and all our doctors are experienced in discussing, examining, diagnosing and treating a variety of different medical and genital concerns for both men and women.

We want our patients to feel at ease in consultation with us, to let their feelings, concerns and emotions come out, without fear or feeling ashamed, and to leave our clinic with renewed confidence, sexual vigour and happiness in their wellness and overall health.

Dr SW Clinics

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