Dr SW Clinics is a premier medical aesthetic and sexual well-being clinic.

This prestigious clinic, headquartered in London Harley Street, was founded through the vision of celebrity doctor, Aesthetic Awards winner and MyFaceMyBody Awards finalist, Dr Sherif Wakil. It is the place to choose for your journey into cosmetic enhancement and anti-ageing solutions, as well as sexual health and well-being.

Dr Wakil’s professionalism and expertise in the world of medical aesthetics and sexual aesthetic gynaecology put him amongst the leaders in his field. His friendly and professional team at Dr SW Clinics understand the importance of making our aesthetic clients look and feel their best, as well as effectively treating the symptoms of ageing, in both the face and body, including the male and female intimate parts.

We offer safe and effective aesthetic medical and gynaecological treatments, performed by fully-trained and experienced staff. Dr Wakil is a pioneer in soft surgery, (including the non-surgical blepharoplasty), the Vampire Facelift™ and The O Concept™ for treating male and female sexual dysfunction.

The clinic provides a private and discrete service, often treating celebrities, royalty and international visitors from overseas. Attention to detail, thorough consultations and impeccable aftercare are all things which we strive to achieve for everyone who visits us. We can also provide VIP services and a dedicated team for our distinguished clients.

Dr Wakil is at the forefront of the field of sexual aesthetics and aesthetic gynaecology, being one of the first to start offering a broad range of aesthetic treatment solutions to treat both male and female sexual dysfunction, restoring sexual well-being and genital health through his original, bespoke, combination treatment programme – The O Concept™. To date, Dr Wakil has treated over 14,000 patients for symptoms related to sexual dysfunction in men and women. He is an international trainer and speaker, as well as founder of the International Association of Aesthetic Gynaecology and Sexual Well-being (IAAGSW).

At Dr SW Clinics we believe that ageing affects us all, both men and women, and we offer various medical aesthetic and sexual aesthetic solutions to treat the symptoms of ageing.

You may see lines and wrinkles which start to form on your face, stubborn areas of fat which don’t respond to diet or exercise, or other skin conditions which leave your self-conscious and shy – for these we offer a range of cosmetic treatments which can improve their appearance, restoring a more youthful aspect. However, ageing affects your whole body, including your genitals, and we feel that it is also important to maintain the health and youthfulness of your sexual organs. This isn’t just about cosmetic improvements. Many men and women suffer in silence over functional inadequacies related to their intimate areas, which can compromise their day-to-day comfort, affect their interpersonal relationships and curtail their sex life. We live in more enlightened times, and at Dr SW Clinics we believe that it important that you don’t feel embarrassed to discuss your sexual health and well-being, and you certainly shouldn’t leave a niggling concern until something is more seriously wrong.

Our team is here to help; lead by Dr Sherif Wakil. We can treat your face and body with safe and effective anti-ageing solutions, whether it’s to look your youngest and most attractive self or reinvigorate your sexual well-being.

Choose the right clinic! Dr SW Clinics can guarantee 100% discretion and a team of skilled and experienced professionals at the forefront of medical and sexual aesthetics.

Dr SW Clinics

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