Erectile Dysfunction is a common condition affecting men of varying ages. The inability to achieve and sustain an erection can have a marked influence on self-confidence and directly impact sexual relationships.

It is estimated that around 30 million men in America and 4.3 million men in the UK suffer from erectile dysfunction – that’s approximately 1 in 5 men. The likelihood of developing it does increase with age, but it can start to become a problem for men in their 40s who still have and want an active sex life.

The go to erectile dysfunction treatment is usually prescription medication, such as Viagra® and Cialis®. Both these drugs are effective in achieving an erection but there are drawbacks. At Dr SW Clinics, we offer the much more effective Bocox™ Treatment.

Spontaneous sexual encounters are out of the question as you will need to take the pills some time before you plan to have sex, this can add a routine element to what should be a more fluid and reactionary action. They’re not suitable for all and in fact can be dangerous for those taking other medication for heart conditions or blood pressure concerns, with some patients the efficacy of the pills gradually reducse and eventually shows no effect . In extreme cases, those with severe erectile dysfunction are offered penile prostheses or surgical silicone implants. So, what other options are there?

Scientists recently discovered that Botox® (Botulinum Toxin), the same prescription medicine which is used to smooth wrinkles on the face, prevent excess sweating and treat stress urinary incontinence, can also be applied to treating weak or brief erections.

What is Bocox?

At Dr SW Clinics, we use Botox, off-label, to relax the smooth muscles in the cavernous tissue of the penis leading to more relaxation which in turns leads to more blood influx into the spongy part of the penis which means that erections can be achieved with more ease.

Our Bocox™ London treatment is available worldwide alongside Dr Wakil’s other ground breaking sexual rejuvenation treatments including Priapus Shot and penis enlargement injection, all devised as a bespoke and tailor-made solution under the term “The O Concept™”.

Each person’s sexual wellness needs are different, so a unique treatment combination will be tailored to suit you and your symptoms as part of The O Concept™ treatment programme.

Treatment cost

Price From

* After consultation the doctor will confirm the cost.

Treatment Summary at a glance

Procedure Time

Approx. 15 mins

Recommended No. of Treatments



None (topical numbing creams could be used)

Side Effects:

Erections may be prolonged.


Current data shows improved blood flow and better sexual function.

Duration of results:

Approx. 4 months, repeat treatment needed.

Back to Work:

No downtime, return to normal activities immediately.

Full Recovery:

Botulinum toxin takes 1-2 weeks to activate.

How does the Bocox™ treatment work?

Botox is a neurotoxin, which means that it works by blocking messages between the brain to nerves and muscles. In this instance we use the toxin to relax the cavernosum smooth muscle in the penis and block the release of a neurotransmitter called norepinephrine which prevents blood flow. The Botox is used to switch off this neurotransmitter, without influencing the release of another chemical called nitric oxide which is essential in the creation of erections. Nitric oxide naturally relaxes the cavernosum smooth muscle and allows the sudden rush of blood to engorge the penis (filling the cavernous spaces) and achieve the harden effect (tumescence) of an erection.


The administration of Botox to the penis can therefore provide a boost to the ability to achieve an erection for up to 3 or 4 months, before the toxin wears off and repeat treatment is required. Although more large-scale studies are needed, it is currently believed that this treatment can offer a solution to men with poor erectile function caused by both physiological issues related to blood flow, and those with poor erectile function caused by psychological issues. Ongoing clinical trials are happening around the world to better understand the exact actions of this novel treatment for erectile dysfunction.

We offer interest FREE finance plans to patients. Please contact our experienced team to learn more.


Botox, or any other botulinum toxin brand, is a prescription only medicine, so you will be required to have a face-to-face consultation with our doctor to determine if you have a correct diagnosis of erectile dysfunction and if the off-label use of the toxin treatment is right for you. A full medical history will also be taken. Other treatment options will be discussed during your consultation and you may or may not be suitable for Botox treatment.

The O Concept™ is a specialised combination of sexual aesthetic treatments brought together to treat male sexual dysfunction. It was devised as a bespoke and tailor-made solution by Dr Sherif Wakil, a pioneer of excellence in sexual aesthetics. During your consultation, our doctor will be able to recommend the safest and most effective treatment options to rebuild your sexual well-being.

Botox is injected with very fine needles, so most people don’t feel the injections.

Treatment is very quick and can be performed in a 15-minute session.

Injections are delivered with very fine needles so there is no downtime or pain and you can return to your normal activities immediately afterwards.

Botulinum toxin takes between 1-2 weeks to activate before you may notice improvements in your ability to achieve an erection.

In some case you may find that erections can be prolonged with or without ejaculation. Dr Wakil will review and monitor how your treatment is performing and if a change in dose is required.

Large scale clinical trial data is not yet available for the use of Botox for erectile dysfunction, due to the innovative scientific study currently being undertaken to determine the long-term efficacy of Bocox™ treatment. Some studies have shown significant poor erectile function improvement with patients who had not responded to other treatment options. Patients showed improved blood flow and reported better sexual function just two weeks after receiving the injections.

Our Botox for penis treatment provides another option for those who are not suitable for, or have not responded to, conventional erectile dysfunction medicines or other erectile dysfunction treatments.


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