Scrotox is a new non-surgical treatment to cosmetically reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the male scrotum – the name of the treatment is a combination of the words: ‘scrotum’ and ‘Botox’.

Over time, the male testicles become very wrinkly, which is due to changes in temperature affecting these externally-held appendages. Their biological function is to maintain a constant temperature to protect the sperm carried within. This means that in warmer weather, the scrotum will relax and de-wrinkle to keep them away from the body, whereas in colder temperatures they contract towards the body for extra warmth, thus creating the wrinkles. Like crow’s feet around the eyes, this is a form of dynamic or movement-generated wrinkling of the skin, and the action of this over many years of a man’s life means that the wrinkles become more prominent. 

Many men dislike the wrinkling on their scrotum and the shrivelled-look that it gives to their genitalia. This can affect their confidence and success with relationships.

Much like botulinum toxins or wrinkle-relaxing injections can be used to smooth wrinkles on the face and neck, the same prescription medicine can be used to relax the muscles in the testicular area to smooth the skin on the scrotal sack. 

The effect of the Botox® treatment on the underlying testicular muscles also allows the testicles to hang lower from the body, giving an impression of increased size, which is an attractive feature for both straight and gay men. 

Anecdotally, men who have had their scrotum relaxed with Scrotox report increased sexual comfort and pleasure.

Our London Scrotox treatment can also help to reduce sweating in the area too and is available as part of The O Concept™ treatment programme.

Treatment cost

Price From

* After consultation the doctor will confirm the cost.

Treatment Summary at a glance

Procedure Time

Approx. 30 mins

Recommended No. of Treatments

One, could be repeated whoever the patient want


Topical (numbing cream)

Side Effects:

Transient redness, swelling, pain and tenderness at injection sites.


Reduction in appearance of scrota wrinkles can also reduce sweating.

Duration of results:

4-6 months before repeat treatment is needed.

Back to Work:

Return to normal activities immediately.

Full Recovery:

Up to a week for Botox to activate.

How does it work?

The UK Scrotox treatment using Botox®, a brand of botulinum toxin, is a medicine used to temporarily disrupt the signals between the brain and targeted muscles to temporarily paralyse their action. Similar to our Bocox treatment, Scrotox works by ‘sleeping’ certain muscles, causing the overlying skin to relax free from dynamic contraction, making it appear smoother. Over time and repeated treatments, the lack of muscle movement will result in increased skin smoothness and the formation of new skin cells will be unhindered by the muscular movement.


Treatment also temporarily impedes the production of sweat in the area, reducing the potential for skin chaffing and discomfort, as well as the prevalence of skin conditions such as ‘jock itch’.

Our Scrotox in London treatment can also make the testicles appear larger as they hang down further due to the muscle relaxation.

We offer interest FREE finance plans to patients. Please contact our experienced team to learn more.


Botulinum toxin or Botox® is a prescription only medicine, so you will be required to have a face-to-face consultation with our doctor to discuss your reasons for wanting this treatment, your medical history, as well as an examination of your scrotum, before a prescription for Scrotox treatment, or alternative options, can be decided upon.

Each person’s sexual and genital wellness needs are different, so a unique treatment combination will be tailored to suit you and the condition(s) or symptoms being addressed as part of The O Concept™ treatment programme. The O Concept™ is a specialised combination of sexual aesthetic treatments brought together to treat male sexual dysfunction. It was devised as a bespoke, tailor-made rejuvenation solution by Dr Sherif Wakil, a pioneer of excellence in sexual aesthetics. During your consultation, our doctor will be able to recommend the safest and most effective treatment options to rebuild your sexual well-being.


The scrotum is certainly a sensitive area for men, so the injections of the botulinum toxin can be done with the addition of a topical anaesthesia cream to numb the area for added comfort during treatment. The needles used for this treatment are very fine so pain is minimal.

The UK Scrotox treatment itself is very quick, taking a matter of minutes, with a small number of precisely targeted injections required to deliver the correct doses of botulinum toxin to relax the muscles. In all, treatment will take approximately 30 minutes, including the application of the numbing cream.

Downtime from this treatment is minimal. You can return to work or your normal activities immediately after treatment. There may be some tenderness at the injection sites for a few hours, and any redness, swelling or pain should be transient.

It will take up to a week for the Botox® to activate and relax the muscles in the scrotum.

Results will last for up to 4 months before repeat treatment is needed to maintain the effect further.

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