At Dr SW Clinics we teach the brain how to think differently and look for new patterns/pathways to break bad habits. This is done by naturally rewiring the brain at a neurological level, changing the chemistry (the structure and function).

We want to help you undo the disruptive mental subconscious associations created at some point in the past. Those could be negative own experiences among others. The modality we practice does not necessarily require remembering memories as we can work with just the feelings and sensations that may arise at a session.

We will go to the source of the problems, upgrading memories, feelings, or thoughts, by helping you change your resources, primary imprints, triggers, and perceptions, all the way to reconsolidating memories.

We mainly make use of FasterEFT Tapping, based on the neuroscience NEWEST developments, which together with our practitioner’s genuine passions, mastered skills, and an arrear of techniques possessed makes the work easier and more pleasurable.

If you are looking to address sexual issues using FasterEFT Tapping, here are some general examples for your understanding:

  • Identify the issue: clearly define the specific sexual issue you are experiencing. It could be performance, anxiety, low libido, past trauma, body image concerns or any other challenge.
  • Understand and explore the emotions (it could be fear, shame, guilt, or any other feelings) and beliefs associated with the sexual issue. Identify any negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, or past experiences that may be contributing to the problem.
  • Rate the intensity from 1 to 10 and
  • We go and use our fingertips to tap on specific acupressure points of our body. (This part will be further explained in your first session).
  • Once the negative emotions have been released, you can use positive affirmations and visualizations to reinforce new, empowering beliefs about sexuality and your own capabilities.

Tapping is used as a way to detach yourself from the “Trance” and bring you to the present moment as well as calming down your main organs.

Treatment cost

Price From

* After consultation the doctor will confirm the cost.

Treatment Summary at a glance

Procedure Time

2 hrs

Recommended No. of Treatments

Approx. 1 to 5 (dependent on individual and concern)

How does it work?

Our practitioner’s primary goal is to address and resolve emotional and psychological issues, empower people, and provide them with the tools to live a Happy, Meaningful, Successful and “Pain-free” life. We are extremely committed to helping anyone who needs emotional freedom.

The Models and Techniques used are drawn from:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations (FasterEFT/eutaptics® Advanced Tapping)


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)


Spiritual understanding

Motivational and Behavioural Coaching approaches

Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), also known as Tension Myoneural Syndrome or Mind-Body Syndrome, is a psychosomatic condition that primarily affects individuals who experience chronic pain. It was first described by Dr John E. Sarno, a physician and professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at the New York University School of Medicine.

TMS is caused by the mind’s attempt to distract the individual from repressed emotional issues or unresolved psychological stress. The theory suggests that the brain creates physical symptoms, such as chronic pain, as a way to divert attention from these underlying emotional problems.

TMS typically manifests as musculoskeletal pain, most commonly in the back, neck, shoulders, and limbs. However, it can affect any part of the body. The pain is often chronic and may persist despite medical treatments and interventions. In some cases, TMS can also be associated with other symptoms such as headaches, gastrointestinal issues, and fatigue.

The treatment approach for TMS focuses on addressing the underlying psychological factors contributing to the condition. It involves education about the mind-body connection and helping individuals identify and process the emotions or stressors that may be triggering their symptoms. Psychological interventions such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness techniques, and stress management strategies are often employed to alleviate symptoms and promote overall well-being. Faster EFT Advanced Tapping facilitates the process in a fast and effective way.

It’s advisable to consult with a qualified healthcare provider prior to ruling out specific obvious symptoms and determining the most appropriate course of action from there on.

We offer interest FREE finance plans to patients. Please contact our experienced team to learn more.


“Tapping,” is a holistic healing technique that combines elements of traditional Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. It involves tapping on specific points on the body, typically with the fingertips, while focusing on a specific issue or problem. Tapping Therapy is often used to address a wide range of issues, including stress, anxiety, phobias, traumatic memories, cravings, chronic pain, and more. It helps release negative emotions, reframe limiting beliefs, and restore balance to the body and mind.

  • Visible changes from just one session.
  • Delicate issues like Rape, Emotional and Physical Abuse, PTSD, and Trauma, can be
    resolved without going deep into details or even without sharing the content as we work
    with feelings, sensations and that might backtrack forgotten memories.
  • Free personalised self-help tips and tools post sessions.
  • No medications are prescribed. Non-invasive techniques that works towards your own body’s ability to naturally heal itself (based on neuroplasticity and the power of the mind).
  • Maximum confidentiality, emphatic and cordial approach.
  • Free, 15-minute consultation.


We can Rewire our brains at any age.

We can Recover after traumas, blockages, sexual abuse, stress, addictions, phobias, P.T.S.D. lack of sleep, phobias and more!

We can Recover from all the emotional and physical hurts, fears, low self-esteem, rejections, guilts, anger sadness, resentments, and abandonments.

None required.

We work on memories and they themselves are hypnotic (Trance) states. Our practitioner will often remind patients to be present during the session(s) and bring patients out of negative trance thoughts.

Yes, it is for anyone who wants to improve ANY AREA of their life.

It all depends on the problem(s) one presents and how the first session goes. Usually, one or two sessions will be sufficient. If people have deeper issues and other memories arise after the first session, then it is crucial to understand that you can REBOOT your life and gain more benefits in ALL AREA of your life (including ADDICTIONS of any type 5 sessions).

If you don’t remember, do not worry, our practitioner has the skills and knowledge and can work with emotions.


For some, it might be scary. Not many like the unknown! However, here we go with the flow. Our practitioner knows how to make people feel so much at ease, with her jokes and her lovely Italian accent.

There is no impact and it doesn’t conflict with religious beliefs

Yes, and from there on many things around you as a person, will be perceived in a positive way.

You will be given tailored exercises to practice for a couple of weeks or so dependent on your needs. It is imperative to follow the plan our practitioner assigns for long-lasting results.

Full two hours. One hour you will be asked questions about you and the second hour we will work on what has been talked about previously. Our practitioner is also used to sending Questionnaires pre-sessions and consent forms.

Our practitioner knows what to ask in those cases.

Oriana A. Lisi, a qualified Neuroplastician, working with Stress Emotions and Mind-Body
issues like *Tension Myositis Syndromes (TMS). Oriana works with the Subconscious mind and the
belief system that supports the cause of being emotionally stuck or dissociated or indeed physical
blockages that might prevent you to reach your full potential.

She became a Tapping Practitioner, following the amazing results she personally achieved with the modalities she practices today. She studied FasterEFT/eutaptics® with the developer and founder, Robert G. Smith and received her first certifications through the Skills for Change Institute, Inc. Oklahoma in the USA. Today, she successfully and proudly practices this modality as an Advanced Level 4 Practitioner, at an international level. This accredited class-based course is also recognised as effective by the Complementary Medical Associations (CMA), of which she is a member. The course is continuously updated with news on the latest in Neuroplasticity and upcoming new techniques. She also prides herself on being a successful NLP and Life Coach, which helps a lot in her line of work.

She can help people achieve what they need in life in a measurable and stress-free way. She graduated two years ago from “Action Factory” an internationally recognised school ranked among the best 10 in the world in the field. She has also passed with “Distinction” a Neuroplasticity course which gave her a full understanding of how the mind and body work at a biological level, how to achieve a growth Mindset and how emotions, happiness and compassion can be cultivated in the same way that a person can learn
something through repetitions and then change the chemical and physical aspects of specific areas of
our brain.

She has always been fascinated by human nature and the interconnection between the mind and body. She has undertaken formal and independent studies in various fields, including psychology and
philosophy, to better understand the human nature. With her knowledge, she discovered a strong desire to
help people become the best version of themselves and dedicated her life to doing so.

He primary goal is, to address and resolve emotional and psychological issues, empower people, and
provide them with the tools to live a Happy, Meaningful, Successful and “Pain-free” life. She is committed to helping anyone who needs emotional freedom.


Finding the memories that really need to be worked on is not always easy. Oriana’s approach is respectful and rich.  She can access unexpected memories ready for healing.  I was amazed at how we got through several memories on my peace list, and the intensity of the work was interwoven with humour and compassion. She has a high level of trust in our ability to uncover and bring peace and healing into our lives. I highly recommend working with Oriana and the reward of the experience becomes evident almost immediately. Session notes are provided which help with the powerful, long-term changes that begin within the session.

Gillian G. (New Zealand)

Oriana has a good understating of what I am dealing with, she is very patient with me, and she made the session fun and serious. I was able to find memories that I thought I had forgotten, and she helped me clear the issues related to those memories. I am standing taller; I am more confident in my job. It has been a blessing working with Oriana. I look forward to working with her again.

Kasandra S. (San Francisco)

After our session, I feel much better and relieved, lighter. I thank you so much for having spent your Sunday to have the session with me. In the past, when I was working on my own transformation, I was confronted with hard work, patience, tenacity, and very slow processes. After only a few sessions with Oriana using the Faster EFT method, my life transformed suddenly, and my long-lasting fears and low self-esteem vanished. Oriana was able to guide me with so much ease and even fun through my emotional “waste” so that it could be released. It felt like taking control of my unconscious mind. As easy as that! Did I believe it could work? Definitely no. And now, I have a wonderful and easy tool at hand that I may use whenever I feel something needs to be healed. Thanks so much, Oriana, for this valuable tool that you taught me, life-changing! Hope to meet you in person soon!

Ilona A. (Germany)

The session helped me see that the pain of my mother cannot impact me anymore.  I made peace with both sides of myself: the happy one and the unhappy self. Thank you, Oriana, I know you will help other people to love and open up.

Roxana (Romania)

She is very patient, kind, helpful, funny, and professional.  We worked on a few memories and the feeling associated and did not watch the clock and went all the way until all the memories got reverted.  I recommend working with her to everybody who wants to change his/her life for the better.

Caroline C. (Belgium)

Thank you for the session. It was helpful and helped me “deflate” the pressure I have felt with a combination of stubbornness and fear. You helped me understand that there is/was a deeper reason for the feelings/problem I have today and taught me that there is a way to deal with them today. It was a session full of laughter and she found ways to distract me and get me out of the trance.

Harriet (Florida)

I am so grateful for Orianas use of the Fastereft techniques to help me clear away so many unhelpful beliefs that had been held in place by memories that were no longer serving me.  She was quickly and easily able to help me navigate my unconscious patterns that were linked to the things that were creating so many unhappy resources for me to draw on.  Oriana combines wisdom, warmth and professionalism in a way that allowed me to trust the process, and her mastery of the Fastereft modality allowed her to achieve rapid breakthroughs and immediate results.  Oriana's ability to adapt to my way of processing my thoughts and feelings made the sessions flow naturally and it was a joy to be a client. I highly recommend Oriana as Fastereft Practitioner.

Waru Panapa (New Zealand)

My session with Oriana (Anna) Lisi was my first and I have to say that I really love her style- it is unique.As a personal development coach, I fully understand the importance as a facilitator to not merely know what to do, but HOW to do it. This is what distinguishes a mediocre coach vs. a more capable and accomplished one. I highly recommend Oriana’s work.

Sandra R. (San Diego, California)

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