The O Concept™ takes a total wellbeing approach to sexual dysfunction, tailoring unique protocols designed for each patient’s condition.

This groundbreaking concept has been created by Dr Sherif Wakil who is a pioneer in the field of “Sexual Aesthetics” a terminology he devised himself. He has created a unique combination of treatments tailor made for each patient to treat Male & Female Sexual Dysfunction.

Dr Wakil introduced the O-Shot® and P-Shot® treatments for male and female Sexual Rejuvenation with PRP (Platelets Rich Plasma), into Europe and the UK in early 2013. Since then he has adopted several other Non-Surgical cutting edge Sexual Rejuvenation procedures. By blending the latest, advanced technology, treatments and natural supplements he has developed the first worldwide set of unique protocols to ensure the very best results for each condition. Treatments are bespoke to each patient, safe and with very little to no downtime.

Dr Wakil is passionate about making a significant difference in people’s lives. His patients happiness and helping them regain their self esteem are in fact his biggest incentive, to immerse himself in this field and constantly modify, enhance and accelerate his protocols. Over time he has refined and mastered the latest technology and technical skills which inspired him to create the revolutionary O Concept™. He has now completed over 15,000 treatments to patients from all over the world. Finally years of study combined with innovative technology has meant that we are now able to offer patients Safe and Effective treatments.

We offer many other cutting-edge and regenerative male sexual dysfunction treatments included under the umbrella of the O Concept™ protocol, with each treatment tailored to each individual condition.

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