Both men and women can be dissatisfied with the size and shape of their buttocks, wishing for an augmentation or enhancement to achieve the desired look, so they feel better in beachwear, but also in everyday clothing.

Introducing buttock augmentation and enhancement using the hyaluronic acid-based body filler, HYACorp®.
One solution to a loss of volume in the buttocks, or a dislike of the shape and size is a surgical procedure called a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL. This usually involves the transfer of fat cells into the buttock area following liposuction of the stomach or flanks where surplus fat can be harvested and then repositioned into the gluteus area.

Because this is a surgical intervention, it can carry significant risks and potential complications, as well as the chance that some of the fat cells will not survive the transfer process and the augmentation result will not be as predicted or expected. Another surgical option is to use silicone buttock implants, similar in nature to breast implants, but this also carries additional risks and potential for longer-term complications.

A much safer and less invasive option is to use dermal filler products, similar to the ones that we use to enhance the face or plump up the lips, but ones which are specially created for body contouring. These are designed to withstand the pressures placed upon them, as you will sit on your bottom, so they last longer than the hyaluronic acid fillers that we may use in the face for example. We can use body filler products to achieve the augmentation of the buttocks with minimal risk and no surgical incisions.

As part of The O Concept™ treatment programme developed by sexual aesthetic specialist Dr Sherif Wakil, we use the HYACorp hyaluronic acid dermal filler products (MLF1 and MLF2) to give you the ‘butt’ or ‘booty’ that you have always wanted.

Treatment cost

Price From

* After consultation the doctor will confirm the cost.

Treatment Summary at a glance

Procedure Time

Approx. 60-90 mins

Recommended No. of Treatments



Local (injection)

Side Effect:

Redness, swelling, pain, bruising and tenderness to the buttocks.


Reshaping, contouring and defining the buttocks with added volume.

Duration of results:

6-8 months, top-ups required.

Back to Work:

1-3 days for buttock tenderness. Avoid direct pressure for 24 hours.

Full Recovery:

Must avoid cycling, horse riding and prolonged sitting for 1 month.

How does it work?

HYACorp® is the most popular product used for reshaping the buttocks because it uses a substance which is found naturally in our own bodies, hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a natural volumiser within the skin as it attracts water, leaving skin plump and hydrated. The body naturally metabolises and replenishes HA daily.

Scientists, like the ones behind HYACorp, can now produce thicker HA gels which act in the same way as our natural HA, but do not degrade in the body as quickly, meaning that they can be more effectively used to achieve longer-term volumisation and contouring of the area in which they are injected.

HYACorp is made from a non-animal source, is free of BDDE cross-linking agents commonly used in dermal fillers and contains 22mg/ml of highly purified hyaluronic acid gel (2mg/ml non-cross-linked and 20mg/ml cross-linked) in both the MLF1 and MLF2 products.

The two HYACorp products differ in terms of the thickness of the gel particles within, which are also larger than those used in facial applications for wrinkles, being specifically designed to be used for maximum volumising results in body contouring. Using HYACorp for buttock augmentation allows a true remodelling of the area, where the two gels can be used in harmony to produce shape and volume, or used independently, depending on the desired outcome. Each syringe contains 10ml of HYACorp.

Unlike fat transfer which can suffer from cell death and volume loss after the procedure, the augmentation with hyaluronic acid gel is immediate and long-lasting. HYACorp also gives a more natural-feeling augmentation than noted with silicone implants, providing the ability to give an artistic contour and curve to the area, as well as volume, meaning that the result leaves a soft texture and touch to the buttock.

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Your suitability for buttock augmentation with hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers, including HYACorp, will be established during a consultation with our doctor. A full medical history will be taken, alongside a physical examination of your buttocks, and your concerns and desires will be discussed.

If you are generally in good health there should be few reasons why you would not be suitable for treatment.
Treatment is ideal for those seeking volume restoration and shaping of the buttocks where ageing or excessive exercise has reduced the curve or fullness of the buttock. Treatment can also be appropriate for those seeking a volume augmentation and enhancement to add to what nature provided to achieve the so-called ‘butt lift’ or ‘Brazilian booty’ effect.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not suitable for treatment.
If you have a known allergy to hyaluronic acid, you will not be suitable for treatment.
If you have a silicone buttock implant, you will also not be suitable for treatment.

Buttock augmentation with HYACorp does not require any surgical incision, so there is no scarring. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia through the injection of lidocaine before the HYACorp gel is also injected. This means that the procedure will be painless with minimal overall discomfort throughout.

Buttock augmentation with dermal fillers takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, including the pre-preparation with the local anaesthesia.

There is limited downtime with this procedure and recovery is considered swift. You can usually return to your normal routine almost immediately. You may wish to have a friend or family member drive you home on the day of your procedure and to rest for a day.
Your buttocks may feel tender for a few days. Expect some redness and swelling, mild bruising and pain in the hours immediately following your treatment. Any post-treatment discomfort, after the local anaesthesia has worn off, can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication such as paracetamol. You should avoid sitting or lying directly on your bottom, for 24 hours.

You will be advised not to participate in sports, strenuous exercise, bike or horse riding for a month, and to take care initially when sitting down whilst the area heals, and the filler integrates with your own tissue.

Results from the buttock augmentation are immediate and will last for 6-8 months before repeat top-ups of the HYACorp HA gel are required to maintain the desired shape and size. Longevity of the treatment is very much dependent on the individual and will differ depending on lifestyle, age, activity levels and the depth at which product was initially placed.


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