For individuals feeling conscious in their skin about imperfections, wart removal can give a confidence boost.

Wart is a common skin growth caused by infection with the human papilloma virus. Warts typically appear as small, raised bumps on the skin. They can vary in size, shape, and color, but they often have a rough or textured surface that resembles a cauliflower. Warts can occur on any part of the body but are most commonly found on the hands, fingers, feet, and genital area.

Warts are contagious, and they can spread from person to person through direct skin-to-skin contact or by sharing personal items like towels and razors. However, not everyone who comes into contact with the human papilloma virus will develop warts, as susceptibility varies from person to person.

At Dr SW Clinics we offer a safe and pain-free wart removal that is minimally invasive and leaves you with smoother skin, and a newfound sense of pride in your appearance, with results that last a lifetime.

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How does it work?

Warts can occur on various parts of the body and may be unsightly or cause discomfort. There are several methods for wart removal, and the choice of treatment depends on the type, location, and size of the wart, as well as the patient’s preferences.

At Dr SW Clinics, this treatment can be carried out all over the body. The quick, effective process involves zero downtime and uses dissolvable sutures if needed.

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We offer wart removal treatment for most bodies and the face. Your area of concern will be assessed.

The procedure does not hurt. You might feel slight discomfort.

Treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic so that you will be awake throughout the process. After your treatment, you will be able to get on with the rest of your day.

Minimally invasive procedure that will leave you with smoother-looking skin and results that will last a lifetime.

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