Dr Sherif Wakil has chosen to recommend the ZO® Skin Health range of professional skincare products to all his patients because they represent medical-grade, cosmeceuticals that embraces the science of skin health by using advanced and higher strength ingredients than those found in high street chemists and shops.

The products, founded by well-known American Dermatologist, Dr Zein Obagi use proprietary technologies and protocols to deliver evidence-based skincare regimes that make a true different to the health of your skin and combat common skin conditions.

Targeting everything from anti-ageing, pigmentation, rosacea, and acne prone skin types, there is a prescription programme using ZO Skin Health products that will suit you. The range is designed for all ages, skin types and colours, and skin conditions, with a wide spectrum of products and advanced skincare protocols that Dr Sherif can recommend just for you.

The structure of the skincare programmes and protocols using ZO Skin Health products is designed around a three-step process to achieve improved skin health over time.

Step 1 Getting Skin Ready® involves getting the skin ready using all the elements of cleansing, exfoliating, and toning of the skin to prevent skin ageing and help to restore a healthy, balanced state to the skin.

Step 2 Prevent + Correct aims to address your specific skin concerns using a range of medical-grade treatments (some in-clinic) and skincare products (for home use) within the ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical range to prevent or correct skin damage. This can be used to rejuvenate premature ageing of the skin, brighten pigmentation concerns, address redness, increase hydration, or target acne-prone skin, and more.

Step 3 Protect is the final step to ensure that with all the improvements being made to your skin health that your skin is protected from the harmful effects of the sun and the environment with scientifically superior sunscreen.

Providers of the ZO Skin Health range are trained in the use of the protocols and skincare regimens; products can only be purchased direct from approved clinics, due to the professional oversight required with medical-grade ingredients.

ZO Skin Health products are targeted at reducing lines and wrinkles, improving skin firmness and elasticity, improving dull or rough textured skin, addressing uneven skin tone or dark spots and patches of pigmentation, reducing clog pores, blemishes, and acne, and improving redness, inflammation, and sensitivity associated with rosacea.

The range also includes in-clinic delivered skin peels and ZO Medical facials that may be prescribed to refresh and brighten your skin.

Treatment cost

Price From

* After consultation the doctor will confirm the cost.

Treatment Summary at a glance

Procedure Time

10-15 mins daily

Recommended No. of Treatments

Daily, may include day and night regime


None required

Side Effects:

Mild and temporary redness with some products, used under guidance.


Improved skin health over time, including reduction in targeted concern.

Duration of results:

ongoing, with regime continuation

Back to Work:

Immediately return to normal

Full Recovery:


How does it work?

ZO Skin Health skincare is a leading, clinic-only skincare range founded by Dr Zein Obagi, an American Dermatologist who also created the Obagi prescriptive skincare range. The medical-grade ingredients can only be prescribed to you by trained and approved stockists, like Dr Sherif.

The products used will be targeted towards your specific skin concerns with the aims of preparing the skin appropriately to deliver preventing and correcting ingredients, followed by protection from sun damage.

The aim is to treat your skin from the inside, improving overall skin health whilst stimulating your skin cells to repair and rejuvenate using high strength, high concentration ingredients like retinol, peptides, and antioxidants. Regularly, at-home use of the products recommended for you will achieve noticeable and remarkable results. You may also be a candidate for in-clinic skin peels and medical facials using the ZO Medical range.

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Your suitability for the skin care products within the ZO Skin Health range will be discussed during a consultation.  The products are usually recommended to you as an adjunct to in-clinic treatments as they can be used to increase your skin health and enhance the results achieved from other aesthetic treatments, including injectables, laser, and skin peels.

A full medical history is taken before you can embark on any treatments at the clinic to determine if there are any medical or health reasons which may make you unsuitable. Although, most skincare products are typically suitable for men and women of all skin types who are otherwise healthy, your skin type, colour, and concerns will be taken into consideration when creating a bespoke skincare regime for you.

If you are pregnant or breast feeding, you will not be able to have aesthetic treatments including high strength professional skincare products.

Cleansing products, creams, serums, and sunscreens are applied by you at home and will not be painful. The use of retinol-based products will be done under supervision as redness can occur. If you experience any adverse effects from use, you should contact the clinic immediately for advice.

The application of ZO Skin Health products is designed to improve your overall skin health and should become part of your daily routine. You may be advised to use products that require application in the morning and evening before bedtime, and some that should only be applied at intervals during the week, such as retinols. Expect to add 10-15 minutes to your usual skincare regime.

There is no downtime from using ZO Skin Health products. Depending on the ingredients within certain creams, especially retinoids, you may experience some mild redness, but this will be explained and managed through regular consultations and oversight.

Your skin health will improve over time with the use of ZO Skin Health products, in conjunction with other aesthetic treatments or ZO Medical facials. We recommend that the prescribed routine and products become part of your regular, daily skin health routine. You will get the most benefits in terms of the reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, improved complexion and pigmentation reduction, and lower levels of oily or clogged skin for acne prone skin if you choose to maintain use of ZO Skin Health products.

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