Shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction is one of a number of treatment options available if you are experiencing difficulty in either –

  1. Getting an erection
  2. Maintaining one long enough for sexual intercourse

With around 4.3 million men in the UK alone living with erectile dysfunction, it’s a treatment that is much needed.

At Dr SW Clinics, we use the VIGORE™ system, as well as offering other treatment methods in our O Concept™ range of sexual rejuvenation therapy.

How Does Shock Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Work?

The use of shockwave treatment for certain conditions has been around since the 1980s but it’s only until fairly recently that it’s enjoyed a surge in popularity. The treatment involves high-frequency waves being passed through your skin tissue in order to target and treat a whole array of injuries and conditions.

With VIGORE™, you receive a non-invasive, groundbreaking, hands-free technology that treats the actual source of your erectile dysfunction. The procedure is painless, carries no known side-effects, and uses linear soundwave technology to target the penis area with shock wave treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Shockwave erectile dysfunction treatment restores mobility and the penis’s ability to function, by regenerating tissue and forming new blood vessels.

But shockwave treatment isn’t just used in cases of erectile dysfunction, it’s also used across a wide range of medicine including aesthetics, podiatry, sports, urology, physiotherapy and orthopaedics.

Shock Wave Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction UK

If you’re wondering, ‘does shock wave therapy work for erectile dysfunction’ an article in Urology Times here suggests that it improves and possibly even cures the condition in certain candidates. What’s so great about the VIGORE™ system is that it doesn’t just treat the symptoms, it gets to the source of the problem and works on redressing it. As a result, VIGORE™ offers much longer-term results than other methods of treatment for erectile dysfunction. With VIGORE™, you’ll take no drugs to bring on an erection, and the treatment you receive is entirely pain free.

At Dr SW Clinics, we offer shockwave therapy for ED in conjunction with a number of other complementary treatments for sexual rejuvenation. This is our O Concept™ approach and it provides each client with a uniquely personalised therapy programme depending on their condition and what results they’re looking to achieve.

Benefits of SWT in ED Treatment

The benefits of shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction are multiple. If you’re considering this therapy for your condition, you can expect to enjoy the following –

  • No recovery time
  • Short treatment time of around 30 minutes or less
  • On average full results will be experienced a few weeks after therapy
  • Targets the underlying vascular cause of ED
  • Pain-free treatment
  • Effective in treating around 70-84% of men who experience ED
  • Can help improve ED in clients with diabetes
  • Improves blood flow and increases growth of blood vessels

Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction London

Shock wave treatment for ED is generally well tolerated by clients and results are often enjoyed for up to three years, sometimes more. Men of all ages can benefit, but primarily this is a therapy that is aimed at men aged over 40.

At Dr SW Clinics we have treated a vast range of men of different ages. If you’re wondering whether you’re an ideal candidate for this groundbreaking new treatment, then consider the following. If you answer yes to one or more of the questions below, you might benefit from a consultation with us…

  1. Do you have a problem with maintaining an erection?
  2. Do you feel like your erections aren’t as firm as they used to be?
  3. Do you worry that you won’t get an erection?
  4. Do you take medication for ED and would like not to?
  5. If you’re taking medication, is it not working as well as it used to?
  6. Do you have type 2 diabetes and is this condition impacting your sex life?
  7. Have you had a prostatectomy?
  8. Are you getting older but still want to enjoy an active sex life?

Patient Experience in Shock Wave Therapy

If you’re interested in how previous clients have found the treatment, we have many shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction reviews available to view here.

As you can see, our clients are of all ages, and each of them have enjoyed great improvements to their condition.

Book Your Consultation

Shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction cost starts at £750 at Dr SW Clinics. We will be able to confirm the total cost for your course of treatments once you’ve had your consultation.

To do that, you can simply fill out this booking form and one of our team will get back to you to sort out a convenient time and date to discuss your needs.

We’ve helped many men regain their confidence, enjoy an active sex life, and feel good about themselves again. If you’d like to enjoy the same benefits, talk to us today about our quick and pain-free shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction.

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