Disclaimer: In this blog we have used before and after images of penises to showcase the difference once a client has been treated for Peyronie’s Disease at Dr SW Clinics.

Are you concerned about the shape of your penis? Do you have Peyronies disease and it’s having a negative effect on your life? Are you looking for a treatment for Peyronie disease? In this article we’ll explore what it might mean if you have a curved penis, and the treatment options that are available for this condition if it’s causing you problems and loss of confidence.

How is Peyronie’s Disease Caused?

It is thought that around 9% of men (middle-aged and elderly) are affected by Peyronie’s disease. Why some men develop Peyronie’s disease is not fully understood. It could be due to injury to the penis when it’s erect, or it may be a hereditary condition. It is normal for there to be some element of penile curvature when the penis is erect, and you may notice that your penis curves more to the left or right during erection. However, if there is any pain experienced or the curve is more pronounced, you could have Peyronie’s disease.

Do I Have Peyronie’s Disease?

If you’re worried about your penis health, and you feel like something’s not right, you may want to think more about whether you have Peyronie’s disease. Some symptoms of this condition include:

  • Usually affects men over 40
  • An area of thickened skin or a hard lump (called plaque) in the penis shaft
  • When erect, there’s a definite curve in the penis (usually upwards)
  • Experiencing pain when the penis is erect
  • Misshapen penis that has an hourglass-like shape
  • A reduction in the length or girth
  • Sex can be painful or may even be impossible
  • If peyronie’s disease is left untreated it may lead to the possibility of erectile dysfunction

With mild peyronie’s disease you may experience one of the above symptoms, while more extreme cases could include a few of these symptoms. It is possible that if you’re experiencing pain in your penis it may get better with time.

How to Cure Peyronie’s Disease Without Surgery

Fortunately, peyronie’s disease treatment need not involve surgery. At Dr SW Clinics, we offer the O Concept™ as treatment for peyronie’s disease. This is a unique treatment process that is individually tailored to each client. So, if you’ve been wondering, ‘is peyronie’s disease permanent?’ rest assured that with treatment at Dr SW Clinics, your symptoms can be dramatically improved.

How I Cured My Peyronie’s Disease

We’ve treated many men at our peyronie’s disease clinic on Harley Street, London using the O Concept™ protocol, which we believe is the best treatment for peyronie’s disease. As you can see from our patient testimonials and peyronie’s disease pictures, what we’ve managed to achieve during peyronies disease treatment has provided profoundly positive results for our clients’ well-being.

Take a look at our peyronie’s disease images and client videos and you’ll see for yourself how our innovative treatment has delivered dramatic results. But it’s not just the shape of the penis that’s been positively affected, the psychological impact that this condition has on the men experiencing it has improved too.

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment UK

At Dr SW Clinics, our peyronies disease treatments include the following options:

  • We offer oral medications to help manage Peyronie’s disease. These include vitamin E, colchicine, and pentoxifylline. These may help to reduce pain, lessen inflammation, and help with plaque formation
  • Injectables: we can use medications (such as collagenase) injected directly into the area of plaque or scar tissue on the penis which can help break down this tissue and therefore improve penile curvature
  • Physical therapy techniques such as penile traction therapy can be implemented in order to help reduce the curvature of the penis as well as to stretch out the scar tissue
  • For severe cases, Peyronie’s treatment could involve surgery. This could be either a) penile plication where the unaffected side of the penis is sutured in order to reduce the curve and straighten the penis, or b) excision and grafting – the scar tissue is removed and a skin graft is used to replace it and straighten the penis
  • If a client is experiencing both Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction, a penile prosthesis implant may be used to restore sexual function and correct the curve of the penis

When you book in for your consultation we will be able to talk you through all of our cutting-edge treatments and discuss the possible outcomes you can expect to enjoy once you have completed treatment.

Peyronie’s Disease Vs. Normal Curvature Questions and Answers

We love seeing our clients regaining confidence, and we’re incredibly proud of our treatment success rate, and we’re always happy to share our expertise in men’s health. With that in mind, we appreciate you will most certainly have a whole host of questions you’d like answers to. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have when you come in for your consultation, but here are a few questions that we get asked on a regular basis and hopefully our answers will help set your mind at rest…

Q. Can erectile dysfunction cause peyronie’s disease?

A. According to scientific experts, the jury is still out as to whether erectile dysfunction causes Peyronie’s disease or the other way round. When a client has Peyronie’s disease this can further exacerbate erectile dysfunction. It’s important to seek medical advice for both of these conditions, in order for treatment to be implemented.

Q. Can peyronie’s disease affect urination?

A. Yes, unfortunately due to the curve in the penis, men can experience problems both urinating and ejaculating. Take a look at our peyronie’s disease surgery before and after images to see the results you can achieve at Dr SW Clinics with the O Concept™ protocol.

Q. Does peyronie’s disease ever go away?

A. We’re often asked, ‘can peyronie’s disease be reversed?’ or ‘does peyronie’s disease get worse?’ With the correct treatment we are confident you will see a vast improvement in your condition. Our aim is to improve men’s health and men’s wellness and with our O Concept™ protocol we do just that. Our personalised approach incorporates treatments that are right for your specific condition, and it’s because of this unique method that we’re able to achieve such impressive results.

Q. What is it like dating a man with peyronie’s disease?

A. A partner will need to be supportive, understanding, and empathetic. Peyronie’s disease can have a profound effect on a man’s mental and physical health and their partner will need to be patient. As with any relationship, the best way to deal with the difficulties that Peyronie’s can pose is by being open, honest and trusting. Communication is key – so try and approach the topic in a supportive manner.

Q. Can cycling cause Peyronie’s disease?

A. It is possible that regular long-distance bike rides can contribute to the formation of plaque or scar tissue on the penis if the saddle rubs against the area over a prolonged period of time.

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Stop suffering and worrying, stop wondering what might be, stop blaming yourself. If you’re experiencing Peyronie’s disease please know that you’re not alone. This condition affects roughly 9% of men, and it’s not something you simply have to put up with. Book your consultation at Dr SW Clinics today and get your life, confidence, and happiness back. We look forward to helping you.

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