Finally, A Sexual Wellbeing Solution Engineered Especially For Men

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Pioneering Sexual Wellbeing Treatments For Men

O-Concept is a range of quick and pain-free, non-surgical treatments to successfully treat mild to severe erection problems as a consequence of the natural ageing process or other medical conditions. 

With a range of cutting-edge modalities exclusively available such as the P-Shot and Vigore, we treat the cause using the most effective, non-surgcial and efficient methodology available.  

Every patient receives a bespoke treatment plan based on their unique profile, meticulously created by sexual regenerative medicine pioneer, Dr Sherif Wakil. 

Our London Clinic is Europe's Centre of Excellence for Sexual Rejuvenation, with over 9,000 patients already successfully treated.

Not Just For Erectile Dysfunction, We Improve Your Health & Sex Life

This unique treatment combination is not just for patients with Erectile Dysfunction.  It is also for men looking to enhance or increase the firmness of their erection, help with premature ejaculations and improve sensation. 

Additionally helping in increasing the length and girth of the penis, giving a man more confidence and an improved sexual experience.

Dr Wakil will carefully tailor a programme from a selection of cutting edge treatments to ensure you achieve the best results possible.  This includes a comprehensive lifestyle review, including dietary assessment and advise, exercise, stress management and other critical factors, so that you can continue your journey throughout life and with complete peace of mind.


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Quick, Painfree Treatments To Restore Your Sexual Function

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"I've just finished my second P-Shot injection. For about a year or so, I've not maintained an  erection and when I wanted it to happen, it's not happened. I started looking options and came across The O Concept on the internet. 

So I had the introduction from Dr Wakil and had the first session there and then. 4 weeks on from that I've seen a noticeable increase, which has made me a lot happier. I'd not told anyone about this, including my wife. It was something that played in my mind and I'm sure something that a lot of men don't feel comfortable talking about, even with their friends or their wives. since we've had the first treatment, I've had sex with my wife more in the last four weeks than I have in the previous year. It's given me a confidence and self esteem that I had lost. Thank you very much Dr Wakil, you've changed my life."

Mark, 38 years

"I suffer with Peyronie's Disease, which I've had for the last 3 - 5 years. I'd had many failed treatments going through the NHS and also privately before I found out about the P-Shot and Dr Sherif's clinic in London. The service has been amazing. Everybody's been so friendly, the treatment was a quick and painfree process. I got all of the answers I've been searching for and can recommend the clinic as being the best I've been to."

Russell, 46 years

"I decided to go ahead and try the P-Shot after reading about it in a magazine. I wasn't expecting such a good result because honestly, I didn't think that much improvement could be made. I'd say it was like a vitamin shot for the penis. Brilliant. I'm grateful for Dr. Sherif for bringing this procedure to us, I've had a surprisingly good result."

Bradley, 45 years

"I read about the P-Shot online and decided to contact Dr SW Clinics. I found the procedure to be very straightforward and painless. It didn't take long at all and the benefits were almost immediate. My erections have improved tremendously. It's been like a complete rejuvenation for me. I'd like to say a big thank you to the SW clinic and Dr. Sherif for making this treatment available. It's been a revelation for my partner and myself."

Chris, 65 years

"I'd been suffering from Lichens Sclerosis for about 4 years. I'd had many visits to doctors and clinics and tried various creams and steroids, none of which worked . My condition worsened to the point where surgery was the only option. Then I discovered Dr Wakil and I had my first treatment 4 weeks ago. The effects have been remarkable and my normal function has been completely restored. I just want to thank Dr Wakil and his team for everything."

David, 50 years


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