Our Mesotherapy service is a minimally invasive procedure that is widely used in Europe to treat various medical conditions.

The treatment involves the superficial injection of very small droplets of serums containing natural extracts, homeopathic agents, pharmaceuticals and vitamins into the skin to address a wide variety of conditions.

Mesotherapy describes an injection technique, rather than a product itself. It is a medical technique which dates back to the 1950s and has its roots in France, thanks to a Frenchman called Dr Michel Pistor. It was first used to treat sport injuries, rheumatics and to improve blood circulation.

The key is in both the delivery of the specialist cocktails of active ingredients, medications, vitamins, hormones, plant extracts and nutrients and also in how they are delivered. The injection technique means that a very small drop of the solution is placed just millimetres beneath the surface of the skin, this is much less superficial than say a dermal filler injection.

The idea behind this approach is that you can get the active substances to the area where you want them to work, which is a much more effective approach than relying on intravenous or oral supplementation for vitamins etc. It provides for a much more targeted approach and the correct mixture of ingredients can be used for the treatment required.

Mesotherapy cocktails can be used to improve cellulite, promote weight loss, encourage hair growth and rejuvenate skin on the face, hands and neck.

Treatment cost

Price From

* After consultation the doctor will confirm the cost.

Treatment Summary at a glance

Procedure Time

Approximately 15-30 minutes, dependent on size of area.

Recommended No. of Treatments

One-Six, dependent on area and concern treated


None required

Side Effects:

Limited to redness or small bumps at injection sites.


Skin rejuvenation, hydration or lightening. Reduction in appearance of cellulite.

Duration of results:

3-6 months

Back to Work:

Immediately return to normal.

Full Recovery:

 1-3 days for minor injection bumps to resolve.

How does it work?

Mesotherapy uses very fine needles to inject a cocktail of specially prepared active ingredients, directly into the target area in order to stimulate change.


Mesotherapy is very safe and can be used for a wide variety of problems. It is used in general medicine throughout Europe and there are few contraindications.

To determine your suitability to treatment, you will have to undergo a consultation to discuss your medical history and any contraindications you may have to the ingredients used in the mesotherapy preparation.

If you are pregnant or breast feeding you will not be suitable for treatment.

The needles used are very fine so treatment should not hurt. Many people simply do not feel the injections as they are so superficial in the skin’s surface.

Treatment time will depend on the area you are having treated. You will generally need a course of treatments to see the best results so will need to attend multiple treatment appointments.

You may experience some redness in the injection area and can also have small bumps or ‘blebs’ where the mesotherapy preparation has been injected just under the skin’s surface. This will only last a few days as your body absorbs the preparation.

For the body, mesotherapy can reduce excess fat and diminish cellulite effectively.

For skin rejuvenation mesotherapy results in:

  • Glowing skin
  • Increases skin firmness
  • Lightening of the skin tone and pigmentation reduction (skin whitening)
  • Improvement of fine lines
  • Hydration of the skin
  • Rejuvenation of the skin

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