Darker coloured skin or patches of pigmentation on the penis can be a concern for some men, leading to self-consciousness and a lack of confidence in sexual encounters.

The skin colour in the genital area darkens naturally during puberty due to hormonal influences on melanin production in the skin which is responsible for the colour or pigmentation of our skin. The genitals are therefore naturally darker in colour than the rest of our body’s skin, especially notable in Caucasians and those with less dark skin types, such as Asian or Oriental.

In some men, pigmentation on their penis can be irregular, leading to patches of darker skin which is cosmetically unappealing.

Similarly, those men who have been actively using pump devices to increase penile length can find that a side effect of this action is an increase in the formation of pigmentation, leading to a much darker coloured penis than the rest of their genital area. This imbalance can also be cosmetically unappealing.

This is where laser whitening or bleaching of the penis is an option to reduce pigmentation and restore a lighter skin tone to the area. Certain ethnicities and sexual orientations also prefer to aspire to a more whitened look to the penis and such cosmetic desires can be accommodated with laser penis lightening.

Each man’s genital wellness needs are different, so a unique treatment combination will be tailored to suit you and the problems which concern you as part of The O Concept™ treatment programme.

Treatment cost

Price From

* After consultation the doctor will confirm the cost.

Treatment Summary at a glance

Procedure Time

Approx. 30-60 mins

Recommended No. of Treatments

3-5 sessions, spaced 4 weeks apart


Local (numbing cream) and integrated skin cooling

Side Effects:

Warmth, redness, swelling and tenderness. Small scab formation.


Reduction in irregular patches or dark areas of pigmentation.

Duration of results:

Varies, repeat treatments may be recommended.

Back to Work:

Downtime for 24-48 hours. Avoid sexual intercourse for 1 week.

Full Recovery:

Up to 1 week. Optimal results 2-3 months after final treatment.

How does it work?

We use a thulium laser for laser penis whitening. It is a non-ablative, fractional laser treatment which created thousands of microscopic thermal damage zones when the laser is fired onto the skin. Around each micro-dot is healthy skin tissue. This kind of controlled skin damage encourages a natural healing response in the body and the skin cells in the surrounding untouched tissue set about repairing the area, producing new skin cells which do not have the pigmentation concerns of the ones removed.

Thulium lasers are commonly used in cosmetic dermatology to treat other pigmentation concerns such as brown patches which may appear on the face, so are well-studied and safe to use on the genitals. They are also commonly used for female gynaecological treatments.

The number of laser treatment sessions required to achieve the desired result and amount of whitening will depend on the extent of the original pigmentation concerns. You will be recommended a programme of 3 to 5 treatment sessions spaced 4 weeks apart.

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Prior to penis whitening you will require a full consultation with our doctor to determine your suitability for laser treatment. A full medical history will be taken, and a physical examination performed. The O Concept™ is a specialised combination of sexual aesthetic treatments brought together to treat male and female sexual dysfunction and genital concerns. It was devised as a bespoke, tailor-made rejuvenation solution by Dr Sherif Wakil, a pioneer of excellence in sexual aesthetics. During your consultation, our doctor will be able to recommend the safest and most effective treatment options to address your concerns about your penis.

You should be in general good health without any active skin infections or diseases in the area which could make you unsuitable for treatment, including sexually transmitted diseases.

You will be required to completely shave the area of your genitals 48 hours before each laser treatment.

To ensure comfort and minimal pain throughout the procedure, a topical anaesthetic or numbing cream will be applied before the laser treatment commences.

We can also apply cold air fans during treatment if required, plus the device used, the Fraxel Dual laser, includes integrated cooling in the handpiece which adds to your comfort during treatment. You may experience a sensation of heat during the procedure.

Laser penis whitening treatment can take 30 minutes to 1 hour, plus the application of the numbing cream, depending on the size of the area on the penis being treated.

There will be some downtime with this treatment, although you can return to your normal activities immediately following treatment you may prefer to rest for the day as walking may be a little uncomfortable once the anaesthesia has worn off. You will be advised to wear loose fitting underwear and trousers/shorts after the procedure.

Expect the sensation of warmth in the area to continue for a few hours, with the penis looking and feeling akin to having a sun burn. You should also expect redness and swelling, and your penis will be tender to the touch for up to 48 hours. You may notice lots of very tiny dots across the surface skin. It is important that you do not scratch or rub the area or pick at the tiny scabs as this could cause an infection, scarring or even the production of further pigmentation. Any pain or inflammation experienced can be managed with over-the-counter pain medications such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

You should avoid sexual intercourse and strenuous exercise for a week after the procedure.

The laser treatment actively removes some skin cells and encourages the formation of new ones, during this time the skin is compromised and more sensitive than usual to UV exposure from sunlight or sun beds. It is important that you avoid exposing the treated area to sunshine or artificial ultraviolet light for up to six months after treatment, as this could cause a reoccurrence of the pigmentation.

Rare risks or complications from laser penis lightening include scarring, hyper- or hypo-pigmentation causing the formation of darker or lighter patches of skin colouring.

The results from laser penis bleaching are progressive, meaning that improvements are seen in increments after each treatment session, as the body heals and replaces the pigmented tissue with new skin cells. You will notice immediate improvement following your first treatment session with optimal results seen 2-3 months after your final treatment session. A review and follow-up appointment will be arranged to discuss if further whitening is required or desired.

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