Testosterone is an important hormone in the body, surprisingly for both men and women.

It is responsible for boosting libido, increasing muscle mass, upping energy levels and improving memory. Sadly, though as we age, both sexes tend to produce less testosterone so suffer from symptoms associated with low testosterone levels.

Both men and women can benefit from receiving testosterone as part of a hormone replacement therapy treatment.

Testosterone replacement can be used for men to increase low levels of testosterone and combat erectile dysfunction, problems with sleeping, low energy, muscle loss or weight gain.

Although less well-known as a treatment for women, it can be used as part of an BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) regimen for women to improve insomnia, brain fog or memory loss, difficulty concentrating, fatigue and weight gain. It has also been shown to improve sexual desire, orgasm frequency and sexual satisfaction in post-menopausal women. There may also be evidence for improvements in bone density, muscle mass and heart health in women.

The important element is deciding on the required dose of testosterone, as well as the method of delivery, some of which work better than others. Women also require a lower dose of testosterone therapy than men. One method of providing testosterone replacement, which is available at Dr SW Clinics, is using testosterone pellets. These are very small pellets which are about 3mm by 9mm in size, the size of a grain of rice, and are inserted or implanted just underneath the skin. Once implanted they act on a slow-release mechanism, delivering a regulated and controlled supply of testosterone over the course of three to six months.

Testosterone pellets are available as a combination treatment option within The O Concept™ treatment programme developed by Dr Sherif Wakil to treat the symptoms of male and female sexual dysfunction.

Treatment cost

Price From

* After consultation the doctor will confirm the cost.

Treatment Summary at a glance

Procedure Time

Approx. 10 mins

Recommended No. of Treatments

Repeated treatment every few months


Local (numbing cream) for pellet insertion

Side Effects:

Small insertion wound. May cause sleep apnea, acne, fluid retention, urination issues or breast swelling.


Increased energy levels and sex drive, improved cognitive ability.

Duration of results:

Long-term treatment programme with repeated pellet insertion.

Back to Work:

Return to normal activities immediately.

Full Recovery:

A few days for the insertion point to heal.

How does it work?

Testosterone pellets contain crystalised testosterone and are implanted under the skin, often in the area around the hips or buttocks, on both men and women, via a simple injection-like insertion procedure which places the pellets in situ. They can then slowly and steadily deliver the dose of testosterone over time to maintain normal hormone levels.


The use of pellets which regulate delivery of the testosterone removes the need to remember to apply creams, gels, patches or suck on lozenges daily, which isn’t always practical or effective for everyone, as well as removing the worries of remembering to take a dose.

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Your suitability for testosterone replacement therapy using testosterone pellets will be established during a consultation with our doctor. A full medical history will be taken, and your current hormone levels assessed to find the right dose and solution for you. This treatment is delivered as part of The O Concept™ which aims to restore sexual well-being for both men and women, through a combination of various treatments to improve physical and genital health. This was pioneered by Dr Sherif Wakil, an expert in sexual aesthetics.

Should you be suitable for treatment, your testosterone levels will be monitored to maintain the best dosing programme for you in the long-term, with the aim of avoiding any health risks associated with incorrect monitoring and dosing.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not suitable for testosterone replacement therapy.

The insertion of the testosterone pellets is performed as an injection-like procedure via a very small incision which allows for the entry of a specialised instrument (a trocar) used to place the pellets. This is performed after the application of a topical anaesthetic cream to the surface of the skin or a local anaesthetic injection, meaning any discomfort is minimised.

The procedure is very similar to that used to insert contraceptive implants.

It typically takes about 10 minutes to place the testosterone pellets under the skin, usually in the hips, thighs or buttock area. Depending on the dosing strategy, approximately 10 to 12 pellets will be implanted under the skin for men. Women require a lower dose of testosterone therapy than men, thus fewer pellets. The procedure will require repeating, to place more pellets, after some months, depending on your specific treatment programme and dosing regimen.

There is no downtime from the placement of the testosterone pellets. You will have a small wound at the incision point which will heal over the following days. There may also be some swelling or bruising at the insertion site. It is important that you do not scratch or rub the area in the days following treatment to avoid introducing infection whilst the skin heals. In very rare cases, the pellets can extrude or come back out from the skin; in which case you must inform the clinic immediately to mitigate the risk of infection.

There are certain known side effects from testosterone replacement therapy which will be discussed during your consultation and managed with your doctor during the process of establishing the correct dosing strategy for you and your body. Having the correct dose of testosterone is paramount to avoid risks from heart disease, heart attacks and prostate cancer, so your dosing will be regularly monitored and checked.

Potential side effects, which may or may not affect either men or women include: sleep apnea, acne or oily skin, a reduction in sperm count, increased production of red blood cells, fluid retention, increased frequency of urination and/or a reduction in the urine stream or swelling of breast tissue.

Receiving testosterone replacement therapy via testosterone pellets can have a life-changing effect for both men and women who had symptoms associated with low levels of testosterone. Recipients can expect increased energy levels, an increased sex drive and potentially better cognitive abilities.


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