Do you and your partner feel like you miss out on good sex as a result of premature ejaculation (PE)?

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about – around one in three men between the ages of 18 and 59 experience it as some point.

You may be a long-term sufferer, with life-long PE ( Primary) or it may have only recently started happening (Secondary) also known as acquired PE.

One of the main reasons that PE could happen is the weakness of the pubocoxygeous muscle or PC Muscle, this is the muscle responsible of controlling the urine flow and the semen flow, but as the urin flow is much slower, weaker PC muscle could still control the ruin flow yet as the speed of the ejaculation could reach 45km per hour, a weak PC muscle would not control the ejaculation and hence leads to PE.

At Dr SW Clinics, we have cutting edge treatments that could help. One I recommend trying is the O Concept™ Chair. It uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) technology which is a non-invasive medical treatment used for muscle stimulation and strengthening using focused electromagnetic energy to induce intense muscle contractions, simulating the effects of exercise. These powerful contractions improve muscle tone hence giving better control.

Treatment cost

Price From

* After consultation the doctor will confirm the cost.

Treatment Summary at a glance

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Recommended No. of Treatments

12 sessions (on average). Personalised treatments plan created.


None required

Side effects:

None reported


Less frequent premature ejaculation, improved erections and orgasms. Increased bladder control.

Duration of results:

Most studies suggest 6-12 months, however this varies amongst patients.

Back to work:


Full recovery:


Technology and products used:

The O Concept™ Chair which uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) technology.

How does it work?

Have you tried pelvic floor exercises (Kegel Exercise) before? Your pelvic muscles play an important role in ejaculation, erectile strength, orgasmic pleasure and bladder control. Unfortunately, these muscles weaken as you age, so exercising them is a must.

Kegel exercises could be an effective tool for PE when done properly and with enough repetition and frequency which is unfortunately rarely the case due to the busy life style men lead.

To make it as simple as possible for you, I have developed the O Concept™ Chair. Much like you would do a pelvic floor exercise, the O Concept™ Chair does the hard work for you while you are setting down watching your favourite program or reading your magazine at the convenience of our clinic.

While you’re sitting down fully clothed, the chair uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to create electromagnetic stimulation which contracts and strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. It initiates 16,000 contractions in 30 minutes, so is far more effective than working your muscles.

We offer interest FREE finance plans to patients. Please contact our experienced team to learn more.


If PE is causing you relationship problems, makes you feel self-conscious or keeps you from pursuing intimate relationships, then it could be worth a consultation. There we will discuss your concerns in detail and confirm if the O Concept™ Chair is one of the best treatment option for you.

You may experience tingling during the pelvic floor muscles contractions during the procedure which could last few minutes.

One O Concept™ Chair session takes 30 minutes; multiple treatments are usually recommended. This depends on the severity of your concern. A detailed consultation with our doctors will determine what’s best for you.

You can get back to your normal routine immediately after treatment.

It helps reducing the chance of you prematurely ejaculating, you may also have better erections, greater orgasms and improved bladder control. With 16,000 contractions in 30 minutes, results may show in the first few sessions and will typically continue to improve over the next few weeks and with more treatment.


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