Our face is always on show and the mouth, in particular, is a noticeable feature that others can be drawn to when communicating.

If a person feels their lips are lacking in volume or the space between the nose and mouth is too long, it can cause an imbalance with the facial proportions. This concern, along with a potentially aged perception can be what leads a person to feeling unhappy with the way they look.

There are many ways that a thin upper lip or an elongated philtrum can be addressed, both surgically and non-surgically. Improving this concern can work to either create a more voluminous look to the top lip, or to provide the mouth with a more feminine appearance that works in harmony with the rest of the face.

A consultation at Dr. SW Clinics will assess your concerns and recommend if a surgical lip lift is a suitable option for you. By undergoing this simple procedure you can achieve an outcome that is long-lasting (or can be permanent), and eliminates the need for regularly repeated procedures. During surgery our experienced surgeons will use a subnasal lip lift technique that requires a ‘bullhorn’ skin incision – a cut that resembles the outline of bull horns – which follows the baseline of the nose. A section of skin and tissues are then cut away and the area below the nose is pulled upwards to enable closing of the wound.

The face and all its features are unique, which is why we tailor each procedure individually. The specific shape of the incision will be fitting with the distinctive shape of your nose, and the outcome is aimed at producing a natural looking result.

Treatment cost

Price From

* After consultation the doctor will confirm the cost.

Treatment Summary at a glance

Procedure Time

Up to 1 hour

Recommended No. of treatments:





Improved facial proportions

Back to work:

Up to 1 week

Side effects:

Swelling, bruising and discreet scarring

Duration of results:

2 - 3 weeks

How does it work?

The upper lip lift can reduce the visible area between the nose and mouth. This is achieved by removing a section of skin and tissues at the base of the nose.


Dr. SW Clinics will assess your concerns and expected results before deciding if the upper lift is suitable for you. We also consider your general health, medical history and any contraindications before going ahead with the procedure.


This procedure will cause trauma to the skin and tissues, which can be painful. At Dr. SW Clinics we carry out many of our surgical procedures using a local anaesthetic. You will not be fully asleep, but you will be completely numbed.

The upper lip lift can typically be undertaken in around 1 – 2 hours.

During the first 2 or 3 days you will experience a degree of swelling and bruising in the treatment area, and your face will feel tender. You may wish to take this time off work and lower your activity levels while the face is healing.

A range of results can be achieved through this procedure, including volumizing the lips and improving the proportions of the face.

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