Carboxytherapy is a highly effective treatment where tissue rejuvenation is achieved through injection into the body of medical-grade CO2 or carbon dioxide gas.

Carboxytherapy has been popular in Europe for many medical uses since the 1950s. Carbon dioxide gas has a vasodilatory effect which causes it to make blood vessels relax and expand or dilate. This reduces blood pressure in the vessels and ensures a better flow of oxygen rich blood to the area, just what you need to stimulate natural healing and renewal. The most exciting new areas we use carboxytherapy for is the vulvovaginal and perineal areas.

Vaginal tightening using carboxytherapy is an exciting non-surgical option available as one of a combination of treatments for sexual rejuvenation within The O Concept™, developed by Dr Sherif Wakil who is a pioneer in sexual aesthetics.

Designed to provide a specialised solution to improve and rebuild sexual well-being, many treatments, including carbon dioxide gas therapy, can be combined to treat female sexual dysfunction.

The micro injection of carbon dioxide gas stimulates oxygen-rich blood flow to the area being treated, increasing the efficacy of the existing network of capillaries and blood vessels, improving circulation, and stimulating the healing and growth of new tissue.

This triggering of natural healing is a painless alternative to more invasive surgical procedures used to restore vaginal function.

Over time, and repeat treatment sessions, the effect of the carboxytherapy will become evident as tissue is restored, muscles are enhanced and strengthened, elasticity is greater, all leading to increased vaginal tightness, improved function, both sexually and in the case of incontinence issues where better control is achieved. An overall improvement in the cosmetic appearance of the vagina is also usually noticeable as tissue becomes obviously plumper.

With no downtime to the procedure, carboxytherapy is an attractive method of improving vaginal health.

Treatment cost

Price From

* After consultation the doctor will confirm the cost.

Treatment Summary at a glance

Procedure Time

Approx. 30 mins

Recommended No. of Treatments

1-6 sessions


Local (numbing cream)

Side Effects:

Mild pain and discomfort, minor bruising. Sensation of air under skin.


Rejuvenation of vaginal and perineal areas, inc. episiotomy scars. Improved vulva health.

Duration of results:

Varies, maintenance recommended.

Back to work:

Return to normal immediately, minimal downtime.

Full recovery:

1-2 days.

How does it work?

Carboxytherapy involves the therapeutic administration of small quantities of medical-grade gaseous CO2 or carbon dioxide into the subcutaneous tissues through a fine needle, similar to those used for dermal fillers.

The body responds by sending oxygen to the area and in turn, this triggers a number of rejuvenating reactions such as increased blood flow, vasodilation, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) induction, microcirculation, regulation of the pH level and the production of new collagen (neo-collagenases).

The role of carboxytherapy in genital revitalisation is overall trophic, functional and sexual, as it enhances functionality, turgidity, hydration and sensitivity of the perineal area and vulvovaginal tissues. It also treats episiotomy scars, post-caesarean scars, fissures, decreased lubrication, decreased sensitivity, skin laxity and sagging, muscular laxity, and can also increase the pH level.

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Your suitability for carboxytherapy treatment for the vulvovaginal or perineal areas will be established during a consultation with our doctor, Dr Sherif Wakil, during which a full medical history and physical examination will be undertaken to determine if there are any reasons why you cannot have treatment.

Carboxytherapy has many effects so, as such, it can be used to treat various indications.

If you suffer from Vulvar Vaginal Atrophy (VVA) or any symptoms associated with it, such as dryness, burning, irritation, itching, discharge, unpleasant smell, decreased/absent lubrication, dyspareunia (pain or discomfort during intercourse), decreased libido, soreness, post-coitus bleeding, urgency, dysuria (pain or difficulty urinating), nocturia (needing to get up in the night to urinate), recurrent urinary tract infections or stress incontinence, then this treatment may be suitable for you.

General contraindications or reasons why you cannot have carboxytherapy relate to contraindications to the use of carbon dioxide gas, in which case alternative treatment options will be discussed. These include, emphysema, COPD, renal failure, cardiological disease, coagulation disorders, under anticoagulant treatment, diseases of the central nervous system, epilepsy, liver failure, pregnancy, and lactation.

Vulvovaginal specific contraindications include Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), active infection at the application site such as thrush, and current genitourinary diseases such as urinary tract infections (UTIs) or cystitis.

There is some mild pain and discomfort during treatment.

The treatment is very quick, taking around 15 minutes, and can be done in your lunch hour. We usually recommend a course of treatments, weekly over 6 to 10 weeks, depending on the indication being treated. Maintenance treatments are also recommended.

There is very minimal recovery time or downtime. You may get some small bruises at the points of injection for the carbon dioxide gas delivery. You may also get a feeling of small subcutaneous emphysema (or air under the skin) at the application site, which disappears after in a few minutes.

There are no reports of adverse effects or complications, both local and systemic, in the medical literature on carboxytherapy.

You can usually return to all normal activities, including exercise and sexual intercourse, should you wish to within 4 hours of treatment.

Patients who have undergone carboxytherapy for sexual rejuvenation have experienced improved vaginal health, sensation and sexual satisfaction resulting in a better quality of life.

Following treatment, many also report significant decreases in vaginal dryness and issues with controlling urination.

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