Vaginismus is a condition characterised by involuntary muscle contractions of the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina.

Vaginismus is a painful, frustrating condition that can affect women of any age. It occurs when the vaginal muscles spasm and contract involuntarily when you try to insert something into the vagina. This can have a significant impact on your ability to have sex, use tampons, or have a cervical screening.

Vaginismus is an automatic response to a subconscious worry about vaginal penetration. You may not feel consciously fearful — in fact, many women experience vaginismus despite having a desire to have sex or use period products like tampons and menstrual cups.

But your body can have an antagonistic response to the prospect of sex or any kind of penetration. The nerves in and around your vagina anticipate the experience by making your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles tighten and constrict. This prevents anything from entering the vagina, almost like an imaginary wall, as illustrated by the ‘Vaginismus Cycle of Pain‘:

A single experience of Vaginismus may lead to anticipation of future occurrence, in which cases, women are unable to do anything to control their Vaginismus.

The O Concept™ was created by Dr. Wakil to bring a wide range of non-surgical treatments now available for treating Vaginismus, but are not well known.

The O Concept™ is a bespoke program where the patient receives a treatment protocol that is tailor-made especially for her and the specific Vaginismus condition in order to achieve the best results. The O Concept™ is the only treatment protocol that combines treatments in specific order and at precise intervals based on each individual patient and their specific condition.

Referred to as the God Father of Sexual Aesthetics, Dr. Wakil has been awarded multiple national and global awards for his work in sexual rehabilitation and vaginal rejuvenation treating over 25,000 cases worldwide.

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A 2017 survey by counselling organisation Relate found that only a third (34%) of UK adults are satisfied with their sex lives, while 32% have experienced a sexual problem.

Dr. Sherif Wakil and his team of qualified health professionals have helped diagnose and treat thousands of patients worldwide with the groundbreaking multi-factorial  O Concept™ protocol developed by Dr Wakil in early 2013.

The patient receives a treatment protocol that is tailor-made especially for her and her specific Vaginismus in order to achieve the best results following the diagnosis based on a combination of clinical assessment, medical history, and patient-reported symptoms.

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There are two types of vaginismus: primary vaginismus and secondary vaginismus.

Primary vaginismus occurs when you have never been able to have any kind of pain-free penetration, including sex, tampon use, and vaginal or cervical examination. Those with primary vaginismus typically have only ever experienced discomfort or pain when attempting any of these activities.

Secondary vaginismus happens in people who used to be able to experience pain-free vaginal penetration, but have since found it to be painful, difficult, or even impossible. This is usually in response to a traumatic event such as sexual abuse, an existing medical condition, surgery, childbirth, or menopause. It can also happen without an obvious reason.

A single experience of Vaginismus may lead to anticipation of future occurence, in effect creating a psychological self-fulfilling prophecy. In both cases, women are unable to do anything to control their vaginismus.

The exact cause of vaginismus can vary from person to person, and it may have multiple contributing factors. Some common causes and triggers include:

  1. Psychological factors: Past traumatic sexual experiences, fear of pain or injury, anxiety related to sex or intimacy, or negative beliefs about sex can contribute to the development of vaginismus.
  2. Physical factors: Certain medical conditions, such as infections, endometriosis, or pelvic floor dysfunction, can cause pain or discomfort during penetration and trigger the muscle contractions associated with vaginismus.
  3. Relationship factors: Relationship issues, communication problems, or lack of trust and emotional intimacy can contribute to the development or persistence of vaginismus.

Treatment for vaginismus focuses on addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of the condition. Some common treatment options include:

  • Education: Psychoeducation about vaginismus, its causes, and the treatment options available can help individuals understand and manage their condition. Counseling or therapy, such as sexual therapy, can also be beneficial in addressing any underlying psychological factors contributing to vaginismus.
  • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy: Working with a specialized physical therapist can help individuals learn techniques to relax and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, reduce pain, and improve control over muscle contractions.
  • Gradual Desensitisation: Gradual exposure to vaginal penetration, using dilators or other techniques, can help individuals become more comfortable and relaxed with the idea and sensation of penetration.
  • Couples Therapy: In cases where relationship issues are contributing to vaginismus, couples therapy may be recommended to address communication, trust, and intimacy concerns.

The most popular treatments for vaginismus incontinence are limited, which doesn’t always suit every patient, or get the best results.

The O Concept™ protocol founded by Dr. Wakil uses the latest cutting-edge non-surgical treatments that achieve results in just a few sessions, approx. 20-40 mins each, with no to very little down-time, and no side effects reported.

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