Are you seeking a way to ease pain and regain your quality of life? Lipogems could be the answer. A lipogems procedure involves fat tissue being extracted from an area in your body where you have plenty of fat cells (thighs, buttocks, or stomach for instance).

These cells are then turned into an injectable substance where tiny fragments of these fat cells are delivered to the area of your body that needs healing.

A lipogem procedure is a game-changing treatment that boasts exceptional healing benefits for people suffering from a whole array of orthopaedic conditions.

What is Lipogem Treatment Used For?

Lipogems therapy is used to relieve pain and help aid healing for a number of health concerns. These include –

  1. Joint, tendon, ligament and muscle concerns
  2. Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  3. Pain management and wound healing
  4. Gastrointestinal and general surgery
  5. To help assist the natural healing process in damaged or injured tissue

A Lipogems treatment is something to consider if you’re suffering from an injury that is now impacting your everyday life. Perhaps you’ve had previous treatments and they’ve not delivered the expected relief. Or maybe you’re looking into treatments that can offer benefits as an alternative to more major surgery.

The Lipogem Procedure Explained

There are several stages to your lipogem treatment at Dr SW Clinics – but don’t worry, the procedure itself generally only takes around 30 minutes to an hour. You’ll start by having your fat cells harvested. This stage is done under local anaesthetic (saline, adrenaline and lidocaine) to ensure you’re free of any discomfort. Once the site is numbed, your fat will be extracted using a blunt cannula connected to a syringe.

The next stage involves your harvested fat cells being introduced to the Lipogems system where it goes through a process of filtration into micro-fragments. During this stage, any bulky adipose tissue is separated, impurities discarded, and the gems – or individual fat cells – are retained.

Your fat cells are then reinjected immediately into the area that’s being treated.

The standout element of this procedure is the fact it allows the structure of your fat cells to stay the same. This ensures all of their growth factors, vascular architecture, stem cells, and their collagen matrix are all kept intact in order for them to thrive in the site of injection. These fat cells boast impressive reparative properties and are able to cushion other tissue in your body. This means they’re excellent at promoting healing where there is any tissue damage.

Does Lipogems Really Work?

Firstly, lipogem treatment is FDA cleared as a micro-fragmented adipose tissue processing system that uses the body’s own fat cells to aid tissue repair. Furthermore, there is plenty of lipogems evidence to support its use to aid healing:

  • There have been over 60,000 lipogems injection procedures around the world
  • In terms of lipogems reviews, there are more than 140 peer-reviewed publications on lipogem injection treatments

You might also be surprised to learn that, although this treatment is only recently enjoying its time in the spotlight, it’s not something that’s just appeared overnight. In fact, medical science has been delving into the healing properties of fat for many decades and it was actually first discovered when wounded soldiers were being treated in World War One.

As lipogem treatment is used for a whole range of health concerns, there is no one size fits all lipogems success rate. But with more and more clinics in the UK offering the treatment, it’s becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to major therapy. Furthermore, when carried out by skilled medical experts like those at Dr SW Clinics, lipogems risks are low.

There is a possibility of minor infection at the site of injection, and/or slight adverse reactions – which is the same for any procedure involving injection. However, any allergic reactions or rejection of the tissue is of minimal concern due to the fact that the fat comes from your own stores within your body.

How Long Does Lipogems Last?

One of the many benefits of lipogems is how long this treatment can last. While results are all unique to the individual, you can hope to enjoy the benefits of your treatment from a few months to even lifetime results. How long your treatment will last can be down to individual factors such as your weight, lifestyle, age, and activity levels.

Alternatives to Lipogems

If you’re looking at alternatives such as lipogems vs PRP, or lipogems vs stem cells, or other options, then there are treatments you can consider depending on the condition you’re looking to address. You could look at –

  • Hyaluronic acid – keeps the tissues lubricated as it attracts water to the site
  • Steroids – can be used for osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and others
  • PRP – platelet rich plasma stimulates collagen and elastin to promote volume
  • Stem Cells – can be used for arthritis but isn’t as common as PRP or lipogem treatment

Lipogem Harley Street

At Dr SW Clinics we offer lipogem treatment on Harley Street, London for the treatment of pain management and regeneration of the knees, hips, back or spine, ankles and heels, shoulder, hands and wrists.

Cost of Lipogems Treatment UK

We recommend a course of one to three treatments depending on the area of concern. Treatment cost for lipogems starts at £250. We will be able to confirm the cost of your treatment once you’ve had your treatment consultation.

Get Your Life Back with Lipogems

If you’re fed up of being in pain, or living your life differently due to a health condition that could be eased with the use of lipogems, take matters into your own hands today. Book in for a consultation at Dr SW Clinics and take the first step towards getting your life back.

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